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Published July 20, 2021

Avengers Campus: Battle with Spider-Bots and Save the Day with WEB Shooters

Wondering what you might find inside the new land?

So, you’ve saved Avengers Campus on WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure… now what? If you want to take home some of the action you can do so with a bevy of items that have come right out of the Worldwide Engineering Brigade — aka WEB. And while you might not be looking to tangle with any more Spider-Bots anytime soon, up close you do have to admit they are kind of cute!

Over at the nearby WEB Suppliers, some inventions that have come right out of WEB (thanks to the whip-smart young inventors working inside the building) are readily available, and yes, that includes Spider-Bots. Not only will you find the little robot sidekicks, but also lots of WEB apparel, accessories, and more, including WEB Shooters. If you’re looking to enhance your visit next time you head over to the WEB Open House, a WEB Shooter is your best bet! Wondering what else you might find inside the nearby store?



Though you might have just seen hundreds (if not, thousands) of Spider-Bots inside WEB Slingers, what’s it like coming across one more? At WEB Suppliers, you can pick up a bot of your very own, and it will absolutely not replicate out of control at any time. But what it can do is battle other bots.

Additionally, there’s the ability to customize your Spider-Bot with tactile upgrades featuring an assortment of different Super Heroes, including Black Panther, Iron Man Black Widow, Ant-Man, and The Wasp.

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WEB Tech accessories


Anyone looking to take their web-slinging abilities to the next level can upgrade with a WEB Power Band for a completely different experience aboard WEB Slingers. The WEB Power band features an attraction mode that unlocks multi-fire webs giving visitors customized gameplay for a cool, new experience on the attraction.

Plus, attach one of four different WEB Shooters to the WEB Power band for an even more customized experience. Spider-Man and Ghost Spider-inspired change powers to electro-dynamic webs on the attraction and at home, plus they light up with a variety of colors and shoot webs out and back. Iron Man and Rescue-inspired Repulsor Cannons change powers to repulsor blasts on the attraction and at home. They also light up and blast air with training spheres.

Just before you load onto the WEB Slinger Vehicles, make sure your WEB Power band is synced up to the attraction! Then when you exit, be sure to check your score to see how the WEB Tech enhanced your web-shooting!

WEB Apparel

Looking to outfit yourself head to toe in WEB? Pick up everything you might need at WEB Supplies, and not just apparel and accessories! Tucked inside the store you’ll also find additional WEB Tech, along with patches, pins, and paraphernalia that will let the world know that you, too, are a Stark Industries intern.

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