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Published August 5, 2020

Earn Points for Marvel Insider This Week with Annunciation of Ruin in Marvel Contest of Champions

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Talk about starting the month off dramatically...this August, it's all or nothing! Marvel Contest of Champions kicks off with Annunciation of Ruin, an all-new event quest that challenges our contestants like never before. And if you earn enough Insider points, the bundles that you could redeem for come with characters that could be total game changers...Read on for more details!

The Marvel Insider program is a way for you to earn Insider points while keeping up with the latest announcements on Check in frequently as we spotlight the Comic of the Week, digital comic sales on the Marvel Comics App, and announce new releases for Games, Movies, TV Shows, Digital Series and more!

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Compete in Marvel Contest of Champions: Annunciation of Ruin
EARN: +10,000 Insider Points (Beginner Level)
EARN: +30,000 Insider Points (Normal Level)
EARN: +50,000 Insider Points (Heroic Level)

The most intriguing plot twist yet! Marvel Contest of Champions unveils their latest contest, Annunciation of Ruin. Head over to Marvel Insider to choose your level (Beginner, Normal, Heroic) and start earning those points! All levels are free to play.

Marvel Insider Marvel Contest of Champions: Annunciation of Ruin


Annunciation of Ruin: Air-Walker Questing Bundle
Redeem for: 125,000 points

Reward available until September 13, 2020.

Here's an incentive for participating in Marvel Contest of Champions' latest gaming challenge! Have you heard of Air-Walker? When you find out who he works for, you're definitely going to want him on your side! You can pick up this Air-Walker Questing Bundle, which comes with 1x 3-Star Air-Walker, 1x Premium Hero Crystal, 500x 4-Star Hero Shards, 3x Energy Refill, 5x Level 2 Team Health Potion and 5x Level 1 Team Revive!

Marvel Insider Marvel Contest of Champions Air-Walker Questing Bundle

Annunciation of Ruin Starter Bundle
Redeem for: 30,000 points

Reward available until September 13, 2020.

Before Air-Walker, there was Silver Surfer!  You can pick up this Annunciation of Ruin Starter Bundle, which comes with 1x 2-Star Silver Surfer, 500 3-Star Hero Shards, 10x Crystal Shard Crystal, 5x Small Energy Refill, 5x Level 2 Health Potion and 5x Level 1 Revive!

Marvel Insider Marvel Contest of Champions Annunciation of Ruin Starter Bundle


EMPYRE (2020) #4
EARN: +1,000 Insider Points by purchasing from the Marvel Comics App

Activity available until September 2, 2020.

THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER - Tensions mount as the action heats up! As the attack on Wakanda intensifies, the heroes find themselves under attack from their enemies — and their allies! In a war where nobody can be fully trusted, betrayal cuts deep - as the alien invasion claims its first casualty! In this issue: The shock ending you never expected! You’ll want to frame it for your wall, True Believer!

Get your copy of EMPYRE on the Marvel Comics App today and read it first!

Marvel Insider EMPYRE (2020) #4


Read the Guardians of the Galaxy Discover List
EARN: +250 Insider Points for checking out the list

Activity available until August 31, 2020.

You may know them together, but do you know the backstory of each Guardian of the Galaxy? Read up on our ragtag cosmic crew! Led by Star-Lord, the Guardians of the Galaxy are Marvel's line of defense against all nature of galactic threats!

Marvel Insider Guardians of the Galaxy Start Here Discover Reading List

Order Your Marvel Made Bundle
EARN: +40,000 Insider Points

Purchases available until 11:59PM (PT) August 7, 2020, unless all 2,500 bundles are sold before final date.
Redeem Insider points until August 12, 2020.

The Marvel Made Skottie Young Premier Bundle includes fifteen exclusive enamel pins, an oversized hardcover notebook, and an EXCALIBUR (2019) #1 Skottie Young variant comic book. Each Premier Bundle is individually numbered, and production has been limited to 2,500 bundles (limit to two per customer).

LESS THAN TWO DAYS LEFT (until 11:59 PM PT on 8/7), so get your order in while you still have time!

Marvel Insider Marvel Made Skottie Young Premier Bundle

This is shaping up to be a big month, so keep checking back in August, Insiders! Stay tuned for more ways to earn Marvel Insider points and be the first to learn the latest news and announcements from Marvel.

Your Marvel Insider account is the best way to keep track of your Insider points and redeem for special limited-time offers. Come back next week for another round of challenges and rewards, filled with exclusive Marvel bonuses!

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