Published January 23, 2024

'Marvel Contest of Champions' Launches Summoner's Choice Champion Vote

Learn how to vote for Swarm, the Beetle, Shriek, Ruby Thursday, Viper, Shathra, Blob, or Black Tarantula in 2024's Summoner’s Choice Champion Vote!

Summoner's Choice is back, and badder than ever!

Marvel Contest of Champions kicked off its annual Summoner’s Choice Champion Vote on January 19th, tasking players to choose which nefarious Champion to bring in-game to the Contest. Eight candidates are up for vote... Only one shall be the Summoner’s Choice Champion of 2024! Meet this year's 8 villains, and get ready to vote for the worst of the worst.

Fans will be able to vote for one of these iconic Marvel characters to join the Contest this year:

Summoner’s Choice Champion Vote Characters

SWARM – A keeper of killer bees who became the hive itself. This immoral scientist is now a sentient storm of sinister stingers.

THE BEETLE – A founder of a criminal enterprise known as “The Syndicate”, this villain represents a lot of high-flying high-tech trouble.

SHRIEK – Carnage follows this sonic beam-generating mutant (both literally and figuratively). She’s got a voice that can shatter her foes’ bodies and minds.

RUBY THURSDAY – Enhanced with organic circuitry to bowl over any who oppose her. She’s been everything from thief to gambler to political candidate, leaving no wicked career path unexplored.

VIPER – A ruler, leader, and constant force of chaos for Wolverine. This highly trained assassin is deadly and devastating with any weapon.

SHATHRA – A woman consumed by more hate and rage than any mere mortal could handle. She was transformed by this darkness and took the frightening form of a Spider Wasp.

BLOB – A true heavy-hitting member of the antagonistic Brotherhood of Mutants. This big bully is not to be messed with.

BLACK TARANTULA – A man of mystery and possible immortality, this super-powered crime lord may look to overthrow Battlerealm’s underworld.


There are TWO ways to cast your vote!

The winner will be announced on February 9!

  • Round 1 Vote/ Social Wildcard: January 19 - 22
  • Round 2: January 26 - 29
  • Round 3: February 2 - 5

Follow Marvel Contest of Champions on Twitter for the latest updates and to see how the votes stack up each round.

MARVEL Contest of Champions is available for iOS and Android.


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