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Published December 5, 2020

Time Magazine Names Gitanjali Rao, Featured in ‘Marvel’s Hero Project,’ The First Ever ‘Kid of the Year’

Watch “Genius Gitanjali" on Disney+ now!

Every year Time Magazine names someone — or a group of people — the Person of the Year, and for the first time ever they’re giving that honor to a kid, too. So go ahead and congratulate the first ever Kid of the Year, Gitanjali Rao!

If Gitanjali’s name already rings a bell, that’s because she was previously featured in an episode of Marvel’s Hero Project, “Genius Gitanjali.” The episode focuses on her work inventing a device that tests for contaminants in water, and when she’s later initiated into the Hero Project group, she exclaims, “It’s something I could never imagine! I’m part of that Marvel Universe now, I’m [a Super Hero like] them!”


For Time, Gitanjali is interviewed by actress and activist Angelina Jolie about her path to science, and how she’s inventing, creating, and helping others on the daily — like with a brand new app that can detect early warning signs of cyberbullying. 

You can read Gitanjali’s full interview right here, and watch her episode of Marvel's Hero Project, now streaming on Disney+!


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