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Published September 24, 2018

It’s Time for Marvel's Eighth Annual Costoberfest!

Cosplayers and costumers, this is your time to shine!

Jean Grey Cosplayer

Above: Cosplayer Jedimanda as Jean Grey. Photograph by Alexandra Lee Studios. 

Cosplayers and Costumers, it’s time for the Eighth Annual Costoberfest on! We here at are always super appreciative and constantly in awe of your costumes, time and time again! As is now tradition, we would like to honor the costuming and cosplay community for the time and effort you’ve put toward the Marvel fandom throughout the month of October. For 31 days, we will highlight cosplayers and costumers through profiles, news articles, events and more!

Plus, you all get your chance to participate! Here’s how:

Each day, starting October 1, we will pick a cosplayer or costumer to profile on Marvel’s Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

If you’re interested in possibly being spotlighted, send in the photographs* of yourself in costume to:

Feel free to submit as an individual or group, but remember only Marvel cosplay and costumes will be accepted.

*Marvel’s use of all photos are governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All photos must be of cosplayers 13 years of age or older. All selected individuals/groups will be required to sign and return Marvel’s likeness release and waiver form.

Plus, all throughout the week of New York Comic Con, we’ll have tons more cool things for you!

So, remember to stop by, plus Marvel’s social channels -- Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter -- during the month of October to celebrate in everything cosplay and costuming!


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