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Published July 28, 2020

Learn How to Draw Hulkling with 'Empyre' Artist Valerio Schiti

Tune in to Marvel LIVE at 4:00 PM ET as Schiti draws Marvel's newest emperor in this Italian-language tutorial!

This week marks the halfway point of Marvel's ongoing cosmic event EMPYRE -- and series artist Valerio Schiti has had the royal responsibility of rendering the newly crowned Emperor Hulkling! See how he creates his depiction of Teddy Altman in his newest role while providing commentary in his native Italian (with English subtitles! Tune in to Marvel's YouTube channel at 4:00 PM ET to learn how to draw Hulkling yourself!

Here's a look at the finished product:

Hulkling by Valerio Schiti
Hulkling by Valerio Schiti
Hulkling by Valerio Schiti
Hulkling by Valerio Schiti

Keep an eye on for more! Pax et Justitia!


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