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Published July 29, 2020

Marvel Mission Recap: Cosmic Cube

The power is in your hands!

Congrats agents — it appears that many of you successfully completed the latest Marvel Mission!


Tasked to bring the Cosmic Cube to life, the results we saw were outstanding and we’re glowing with pride! The creativity was through the roof for this challenging, using all sorts of cardboard pieces, clear display cases, plastic wrap, blue markers and paint, and of course anything and everything that lights up — calling all flashlights and string lights! 

Take a look at the post below, and start brainstorming what you could use for the next Weekly Marvel Mission!

Though this week’s Marvel Mission might be over, there’s still time for you to make your own Cosmic Cube! Here’s an easy cube how-to if you're looking to make one yourself:

  • Sports display cases work great — think baseball size! Grab one of those and some blue paint. 
  • You know what to do now: Completely paint the cube with blue paint. 
  • Depending on how much you might want your cube to glow, you can diffuse the light a little bit with some parchment paper. Looking for a bright light? Skip this step! 
  • Fill in the excess space inside your cube with parchment paper.
  • If you’re using LED lights, you can control the cube with a remote to control the brightness inside. 
  • You’re done! Now be sure to keep the Cosmic Cube out of the wrong hands. 

The possibilities are endless as to what you can create, so go ahead and assemble whatever craft supplies you might need — and be sure to share them on social with the hashtag, #MarvelMission.

Stay tuned for the next Marvel Mission! 

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