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Published September 25, 2023

Race with The Marvels!

Introducing The Marvels: Flerken Race, the first Marvel Move Virtual Race

The Marvels: Flerken Race

Marvel Move turns your workouts into epic adventures, and soon, you’ll have something new to move to: Virtual Races!

They’re just like a real-world 5K or 10K race, but you can run them wherever, whenever, and however you choose. They’re a great motivation to hit new fitness milestones and – most importantly – they’re a thrill ride alongside your favorite Marvel characters!

In the first Marvel Move Virtual Race, The Marvels: Flerken Race, you’re an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and must team up with Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Monica Rambeau —aka The Marvels--in a wild adventure! When feisty flerkens rampage through a busy Super Hero convention, you’ll be side-by-side with three powerful heroes to prevent an intergalactic conflict between the Kree and Skrulls, and contain these adorable tentacled terrors.

Reprising her role as Ms. Marvel for The Marvels: Flerken Race, is Sandra Saad. Having previously voiced Kamala Khan in Marvel’s The Avengers game, as well as in animation on Spidey and his Amazing Friends, Sandra brings the hero of Jersey City to life once again! Amanda Mahr portrays Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers, and Marquita Richardson voices Photon aka Monica Rambeau, rounding out the Marvels squad in this series.

Ms. Marvel in The Marvels: Flerken Race

The three-part story is written by Kim Richards, who says, “I have a lot of love for Ms Marvel, so to get to work with her - and the powerhouses that are Captain Marvel and Photon - was a dream come true! I saw a lot of myself in her; a dorky forever-teen overflowing with passion for nerdy things, while navigating life as a mixed race POC growing up in a Western country. Writing this adventure was basically my love letter to Ms. Marvel, and a lot of my favorite things - cats, comic book conventions, and love on the battlefield!.”

And while Marvel Move stories are audio adventures, you'll see mighty artwork accompanying the The Marvels’ series and episodes, drawn by the dynamic artist Doaly (designer of the new Spider-Man India costume). “This was my first time drawing these three powerful characters on one page,” says Doaly. “They’re so unique, yet have this bond that drawing them as a team is always going to be a chance to create something special.”

Start your Flerken Race story with two special training workouts, beginning with episode 1 on Monday, September 25. Part 2 releases on Monday, October 2. The epic conclusion arrives in the form of the 5K/10K Virtual Race, launching Monday,  October 9! And don’t worry if you don’t complete them immediately—they'll continue to be available in Marvel Move!

But if you’re headed to New York Comic Con this year, you’ll want to complete Flerken Race before you head over to the Marvel booth! There will be very special free giveaway for runners who take part in The Marvels: Flerken Race. Find the Marvel Move team at the Marvel booth, and show us your ZRX app to get your hands on an exclusive pin featuring Doaly’s art, and more!  

Marvel Move NYCC Pin

And while you’re at NYCC, don’t miss your chance to hear from the creators of Marvel Move, at a panel event on Sunday October 15, at 10:30am in room 408. Special guests include actor Sandra Saad (Ms. Marvel) and comics writer Meghan Fitzmartin. Get the inside scoop on upcoming Marvel Move storylines and learn more about what went into crafting this unique Marvel experience. 

Please stay vigilant for rampaging flerkens!

Visit for more info, and get Marvel Move in the ZRX app, now available on iPhone and Android with a free 7-day trial.


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