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Published October 26, 2018

Rule Halloween With a DIY Infinity Gauntlet Trick-Or-Treat Bag

Whether your kids are wearing a costume from "Avengers: Infinity War" or another of their favorite Marvel characters, they’ll love using this one-of-a-kind trick-or-treat bag. Who wouldn’t want to wield the Infinity Gauntlet even just for one night?

This Thanos-inspired trick-or-treat bag was created with kids’ safety in mind! The illuminated stones will make costumed kiddos visible on the dark neighborhood streets, and you can add a reflector on the back to make them even more noticeable to cars passing by.


What You’ll Need:

  • Tall, skinny gold gift bag
  • Orange, blue, red, purple, and yellow tissue paper
  • Clear packing tape
  • Scotch tape or glue dots
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black permanent marker
  • Black enamel adhesive dots (optional)
  • Ruler
  • LED light or flashlight

Get Started!

Step One: Begin by drawing or tracing four small ovals near the top of the gift bag, and one slightly larger oval in the center of the bag. You may want to remove the gift bag’s string handle to lay the bag flat while you draw, if possible.


Step Two: Cut out each oval carefully with the craft knife. You might want to put a small piece of cardboard inside the bag to make sure you don’t cut both sides.

Step Three: Tear off one piece of packing tape and stick it carefully on the orange tissue paper. Cut out the tape piece, making sure it’s at least as tall and as wide as the smaller ovals.

Step Four: Repeat with the blue, red, purple, and yellow tissue paper.


Step Five: Use the Scotch tape or glue dots to attach each square on the inside of the gift bag over each oval, shiny side out. The larger oval, the Soul Stone, is the yellow tissue paper. (If your kids are sticklers for accuracy and note there’s no Time Stone, you can cut an oval on the side of the bag and add green tissue paper there.)

Step Six: Next, use the pencil to lightly draw the details of the Infinity Gauntlet, along with the four knuckles and fingers at the top. Each stone is outlined, including the large center stone. Add as much detail as you’re comfortable with.

Step Seven: Go over the pencil markings with the black permanent marker.


Step Eight: Draw small dots around the gems, or use black enamel adhesive dots, to complete the details.

Step Nine: Place the LED light or flashlight inside the bag, and the stones should appear to glow as the light shines through.

Your bag is ready to rule the universe! Or just go trick-or-treating. But don’t let anyone take half your candy!


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