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Published September 3, 2021

Shang-Chi and Death Dealer Arrive at Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park

Be prepared for new heroic encounters!


There’s a new Super Hero joining the ranks at Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park! With the release of Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings, you never know who you might see walking around the campus — from the latest hero to the occasional villain!


Starting this week, Shang-Chi himself will start hanging out with recruits on campus. Not only that, but there’s a possibility that while roaming the campus, Shang-Chi could cross paths with Death Dealer, a member of the mysterious Ten Rings organization. These two never underestimate one another, knowing full well the power and skills each other possesses.


Guests will be able to find themselves experiencing brand-new heroic encounters with the characters, as a visit to Avengers Campus puts you in the middle of the action. When Shang-Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton heard the news about the brand-new characters, he joked that Shang-Chi himself, Simu Liu, would be “excited,” noting that since he’s been in Los Angeles, the parks fanatic visits like “once every two weeks.”


Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings producer Jonathan Schwartz adds, “It's amazing that Shang-Chi is going to be able to join this pantheon of heroes [at Avengers Campus],” and noting, “It's amazing and I hope people are inspired and feel themselves represented on-screen in a way that they didn't before. And for Shang-Chi as a movie, in which a character should be part of that larger conversation about representation, it is really gratifying.”


As for what Liu himself thinks about the addition of Shang-Chi, he’s excited about the doors it will open up for others, at Avengers Campus and beyond!


“I’m really excited for the indirect [effects]; for the projects that will be greenlit, for the people whose careers that were launched by this movie, myself included, and kind of seeing all the amazing things that everyone carries their torch onto in the future,” he says.


And it’s a future for many new recruits that might start right at Avengers Campus! Plus, you never know when Liu's next visit to the Shawarma Palace might be.


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