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Published March 28, 2022

'Spider-Man: A History and Celebration of the Web-Slinger, Decade by Decade' Gives the Wall-Crawler's Complete Biography

On-sale on September 6, 2022!

Our favorite wall-crawler continues to celebrate his 60th birthday in style! This September, Marvel Comics and Quatro are releasing Spider-Man: A History and Celebration of the Web-Slinger, Decade by Decade!

A complete biography of one of Marvel’s most beloved Super Heroes, Spider-Man: A History and Celebration of the Web-Slinger, Decade by Decade explores Spider-Man’s development through behind-the-scenes anecdotes, images, and rarely-seen interviews. The collection arrives on-shelves on September 6, 2022Pre-order now!

Spider-Man: A History and Celebration of the Web-Slinger, Decade by Decade

From the comic page to the big screen and beyond, Spider-Man has thrilled fans for generations. Since swinging onto the scene in 1961, in the pages of AMAZING FANTASY #15 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the world’s most famous wall-crawler has captivated the world, starring in millions of comics, over twenty different films and animated series, numerous blockbuster video games, and one Broadway show, as well as appearances in countless other mediums.

In celebration of his illustrious and expansive history, Spider-Man: A History and Celebration of the Web-Slinger, Decade by Decade is a comprehensive collection of exciting art and expert commentary that brings Spidey’s backstory out of the archive and into the arms of fans worldwide. Organized by decade, you will:

  • Relive the origin and adaptations of Spider-Man, along with his friends and enemies, through comic books, films, TV shows, toys, and more
  • Spark your memory with “remember when?” moments (the Spider-Mobile, anyone?)
  • Recall the most interesting and shocking plot points of the comic
  • Meet the creators who worked on Spider-Man’s adventures throughout the years

Illustrated with images from the comics, movies, and other Spider-Man–related items, this collection is a must-have for any fan of the web-slinger.

SPIDER-MAN: A HISTORY AND CELEBRATION OF THE WEB-SLINGER, DECADE BY DECADE arrives on-shelves September 6, everywhere books are sold — PRE-ORDER NOW!

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