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Published April 24, 2023

Spider-Man Goes to the Quantum Realm in Mighty Marvel Team-Up ‘Spider-Man: Quantum Quest!’

A first look at the action-packed (and hilarious) graphic novel starring Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four!


On shelves January 2024! From award-winning cartoonist Mike Maihack (Cleopatra in Space) comes the second graphic novel in the Mighty Marvel Team-Up series from Abrams Books, following this June's Spider-Man: Animals Assemble!.

Cover to Spider-Man: Quantum Quest!
Cover to Spider-Man: Quantum Quest! by Mike Maihack.

In action-packed (and hilarious) graphic novel Spider-Man: Quantum Quest!, Spider-Man is sent to the Quantum Realm with the Fantastic Four! That’s right; Spidey must join forces with the super-genius Super Hero team!

During a morning of doing good deeds and super-heroing, Spider-Man is interrupted by the Fantastic Four and Namor. The great underwater city of Atlantis has disappeared, and the heroes need Spider-Man’s help to find it! While Spider-Man is unsure if his abilities can help him find the city, he takes on the mission hoping not to disappoint his heroes. But when this mission takes him into the Quantum Realm, Spider-Man realizes that more than just a city has gone missing and that he might need more than just super-powers to save the day!

Author-artist Mike Maihack will continue to bring his exciting, adorable, and joyful illustrations to this original story that can be enjoyed by Marvel fans of all ages.

Grab your first look at this June's Spider-Man: Animals Assemble! here, then preorder your copies of both Spider-Man: Animals Assemble and Spider-Man: Quantum Quest! through Abrams Books now.


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