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Published March 28, 2019

The Final RunDisney Virtual 5K Series Medals Are Revealed and Registration Begins

Rounding out the three Marvel-themed medals is Iron Man and the Challenge Medal!


Registration for the runDisney Virtual 5K Series is now officially open at! Along with the beginning of sign-up at, Marvel and runDisney are pleased to reveal the third and final character-themed medal for the Virtual July 5K, and it’s the most metal of them all – Iron Man!

Iron Man RunDisney Medal

In honor of Marvel’s 80th Anniversary, this year’s runDisney Virtual 5K Series has offered up Marvel-themed medals for each month. The full event runs from June 1 to August 31. Earlier this week, the Black Panther and Captain Marvel medals were revealed for the August and June 5Ks. Registrants can sign up to participate in any of the three 5Ks or participate in them all by registering for the Challenge! Signing up for Virtual Challenge will earn the participant a bonus Marvel medal plus a commemorative coin!

runDisney Marvel 80th medal

Whether you’re representing Black Panther, Captain Marvel, or Iron Man, or aiming for all three for a super heroic challenge, the runDisney Virtual 5K Series is the perfect opportunity to push yourself to great heights! Register today at if you’re going solo or assembling your super squad!


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