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Published January 15, 2021

The Most-Read Marvel News Stories of the Week: 1-15-21

Mark the launch of Marvel Studios' 'WandaVision' with a look at this week's top hits!

Members of the Merry Marvel Marching Society, unite—and celebrate a week that sees the launch of Marvel Studios' WandaVision, now streaming exclusively on Disney+

Join the blissful suburban life that Wanda Maximoff and Vision are currently living, but don’t expect this state of mind to stick around forever, as the couple quickly begin to suspect that not everything is as it seems.

Review the week that was (and prepare for the story to come!) with the top WandaVision news stories this week on the mighty

Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Golden Age of Television with ‘WandaVision’

The Marvel Studios series is now streaming on Disney+! Read more!

‘WandaVision’: Explore New Images from Episode 1

The Marvel Studios series is now streaming on Disney+! Read more!

'WandaVision': Explore New Images from Episode 2

The Marvel Studios series is now streaming on Disney+! Read more!

10 Things We Learned from the ‘WandaVision’ Press Conference

The stars and filmmakers teased what we can expect from Marvel Studios’ first television series for Disney+, premiering this week! Read more!

Marvel Studios' WandaVision

Everything You Need to Know Going into Marvel Studios’ 'WandaVision'

Stream the first two episode of the brand-new series on Disney+! Read more!

Tune in Today for the Marvel Studios' 'WandaVision' Virtual Launch Event

See the series' stars and crew on Marvel's YouTube channel! Read more!

Introducing Marvel Must Haves

The 52-week campaign features epic new products inspired by the Marvel Studios series on Disney+! Read more!

And that's not all, Marvelites! This week also saw a smattering of sensational news in the wondrous world of comic magazines! Make like "Honest" Irving Forbush, and get yer fill right here!

Miles Morales: Trapped in a Clone Saga of His Own

A new spin on the classic Spider-Man storyline kicks off in 'Miles Morales: Spider-Man #25'! Read more!

Miles Morales: Trapped in a Clone Saga of His Own

Darkhawk Reclaims His Destiny as the Hero's 30th Anniversary Kicks Off

The hottest hero of the '90s is celebrated in 'Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk' #1! Read more!

Loki Sends Jane Foster on an Epic Quest in 'The Mighty Valkyries'

New allies, new enemies, and new adventures for Jane Foster begin in 'The Mighty Valkyries' #1 this April! Read more!

'The Mighty Valkyries' #1

The Champions Go Undercover to Change the World

Danny Lore and Luciano Vecchio take the reins for a daring new era of 'Champions'! Read more!

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