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Published June 7, 2022

Watch Assembling the Universe: The Story of Avengers Campus from MCM London Comic Con

Avengers Campus Paris opens July 20!

Avengers Campus Paris, at the Disneyland Paris Resort, will soon welcome the next generation of Super Hero Recruits! Opening July 20, the brand new land has everything guests might need to help save the day alongside Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and many more. Here, recruits are invited to encounter some of their favorite Super Heroes — like training with Okoye and the Dora Milaje, watching Black Widow fight evil forces, dancing with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and so much more!  

During the Assembling the Universe: The Story of Avengers Campus panel at MCM London Comic Con, Walt Disney Imagineers Scot Drake, Portfolio Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering; John Mauro, Portfolio Executive Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering; Steven Spiegel, Executive Story Editor, Walt Disney Imagineering; Caroline May, Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering; Beth Clapperton, Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering Paris; and Dan Fields, Executive Creative Director, Disney Live Entertainment joined host Chris Hewitt for a discussion unveiling the stories and action-packed adventures of Avengers Campus, offering an inside look of the epic locations and heroic encounters that await, and becoming part of a bigger universe.

“We are telling a global story with these characters that are larger than life and that allows us to have more [references] than we ever have spread throughout telling this global story,” Fields tells the panel, “it's all been working out towards Paris here, opening this summer.”

“It was a super fun project to be part of,” Clapperton tells the crowd. “This campus, you all are going to come as new recruits because the world needs more heroes. That will enable us to find people like you, discover them, train them, and then recruit them to become next generation of superheroes. That's what we're doing here. It’s a very beautiful place, a wonderful combination of old architecture and new, sleek, contemporary, stark architecture.”

The expansive, immersive land also features two different attractions — AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: FLIGHT FORCE and SPIDER-MAN W.E.B. ADVENTURE — putting recruits right in the middle of the action alongside the Avengers, literally. With AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: FLIGHT FORCE, recruits are “being launched into space to be right in the middle of this battle with Iron Man and Captain Marvel,” Fields explains. As for SPIDER-MAN W.E.B. ADVENTURE, recruits “are right along with Spider-Man, helping to save the campus,” Spiegel adds. 

But that’s still not all! Dive into the full panel video above, and Avengers Campus Paris opens on July 20. 



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