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Published November 20, 2020

Comedian Sasheer Zamata Takes the Stage on 'Marvel's Storyboards'

Zamata gives Joe Quesada some pointers on stand-up comedy in this week's episode!

Sasheer Zamata knows a few things about telling stories in a variety of ways. As a comedian, actor, and writer, she has spent her career making people laugh and think. On this episode of Marvel's Storyboards, Zamata gives Joe Quesada, EVP, Creative Director of Marvel Entertainment, a crash course in stand-up comedy during a trip to Brooklyn, NY. The actress, stand-up comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” cast member discusses the importance of representation with Joe over pizza, before Joe takes the stage himself to try out some Marvel-related material.

Sasheer Zamata on Marvel's Storyboards

You can watch this episode and the entire first season of Marvel's Storyboards on or Marvel's YouTube channel. Stay tuned to for the latest news about the show and everything happening at the House of Ideas!


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