Published March 24, 2022

Mary Jane Watson Rock and Rolls Her Way to the Fortnite Item Shop

MJ Watson and her Web Shredder Pickaxe have arrived in the Fortnite Item Shop… and she's not alone.

Face it, Tiger… You just hit the jackpot!

Not one to miss out on a scoop, Classic Mary Jane Watson has arrived in the Fortnite Item Shop, and she’s brought along some killer fashion accessories. In addition to a new Spider-Man-inspired Outfit, her Web Shredder Pickaxe and Back Bling are also up for grabs.

Together, you can investigate every lead on the biggest story of the season... and maybe even score a Victory Royale!

Classic Mary Jane Watson arrives in the Fortnite Item Shop

And she hasn’t come alone. Following his January debut, Green Goblin will also return to the Fortnite Item Shop. Armed with his signature pumpkin bombs, he could very well lead you to get the last laugh on your opponents. 

Grab the Classic Mary Jane Watson Outfit and Green Goblin before they rotate out of the Shop!

Keep following Marvel in Fortnite for the latest drops coming your way.

Green Goblin returns to the Fortnite Item Shop



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