Published May 15, 2019

Cull Obsidian, Another of the Children of Thanos, Heads to The Battlerealm

Cull Obsidian is always seeking a challenging fight to impress his master Thanos!

Cull Obsidian

The Contest welcomes its latest Champion — the massive warrior Cull Obsidian! You can grab him in Marvel Contest of Champions this Thursday, May 16!

Inspired by the events of Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame,” a ferocious combatant like few others, Cull Obsidian is always seeking a truly challenging fight to impress his master, Thanos. Wielding his one-of-a-kind multi-weapon, Cull tears his opponent’s defenses apart and stops heroes in their tracks. Lord Thanos won’t be stopped so long as his imposing enforcer, Cull, stands by his side ready to strike down any opposition.

Cull Obsidian is a powerful, bruiser Champion that gets stronger as he wins more and more fights. With ready access to his new Rout Buff, Cull can bypass Auto-Block with ease. Additionally, his new Thanos’s Favor Buffs can provide large, reliable increases to his Attack and overall damage output and staying aggressive can extend their duration to keep the damage high throughout the fight. Gain enough Thanos’ Favor Buffs and he can even gain True Accuracy, allowing him to ignore difficult defensive abilities live Evade and Auto-Block.

A Cosmic character, Cull Obsidian's basic abilities include Persistent Charge, Thanos' Favor, Armor Break, Rout, and Stun.

As a Child of Thanos, Cull Obsidian has 3 Missions he must complete, which may be done in any order. Each Mission can be completed multiple times and doing so grants 1 Persistent Charge.

  • Mission 1: Break their Defenses: Knockout any Champion.
  • Mission 2: Crush their Hope: Knockout an Avenger.
  • Mission 3: End their Resistance: Knockout a Champion above 95% Health without the Combo Meter resetting during the fight.
Cull Obsidian

His strengths include New Rout Buff to bypass Auto-Block, Parry the "Un-Parry-able, and Multiple Ways to Ramp Up Persistent Charge. However, his weakness is a Very Buff Reliant; any Champion that can strip them away quickly will have a much easier time fighting Cull.

Cull's kit includes three Specials and one Signature Ability. The first Special, Collision of Challenge, is a series of devastating strikes that soften the opponent before CUll roars a challenge in their face to prove his dominance. Whereas Transformation Devastation allows a flurry of blows to be rained down upon Cull's foe and deliver punishing hammer and claw strikes. With a fully-deployed whip-chain, Cull snags his opponent in a crushing grip before launching them into the wall with third Special, Pummeling Eradication. As for his Signature Ability, Enforced Oblivion, once Cull Obsidian's Rout Buff has expired, it goes into cool down and can be reactivated after 15 seconds.

Receive Synergy Bonuses when you use Invasive Force with Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive; Display of Strength with Ebony Maw or Thanos; Heroes Never Learn with Hulk, Hulbuster, and Hulk (Ragnarok); Enemies LV. 3 with Iron Man (Infinity War), Thor (Ragnarok), Captain America (Infinity War) and Heidall; or lastly, Enemies LV. 3 with Doctor Strange, Falcon, War Machine, or Black Panther (Civil War).

Recommended masteries include Precision; while Cull Obsidian gains many Buffs to increase his Critical Damage and Attack Rating, he lacks a way to increase his Critical Hit Chance. Grabbing Precision grants a fairly large damage increase to Cull Obsidian.

Cull Obsidian is available for downloading tomorrow, May 16, on Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices!

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