Published April 15, 2021

Entering Contest of Champions: Jabari Panther

A master huntress, she enjoys nothing more than a good fight.


Chieftain of the long-missing Jabari tribe of Wakanda, Onnange and her tribe have been in hiding following the events between T’Challa and Maestro as they mourn their king. A master huntress who enjoys nothing more than a good fight, she dresses in Jabari armor specifically to earn the favor of Ghekre, the gorilla god, in combat. When not on the hunt, she is a fun and friendly companion, but get on her bad side and you’ll quickly find yourself on the end of her spear. Now, she’s the latest character to join the roster in Marvel Contest of Champions!

Jabari Panther’s gameplay is all about slowly hunting down the Opponent and setting up the perfect opportunity to strike. She builds up Huntress charges in a variety of ways, most notably after using SP1, and by Purifying Debuffs with the new Cleanse mechanic. Once she has enough Huntress Charges, the Opponent becomes Hunted for a period of time, which significantly increases Jabari’s Panther’s damage and utility. If the Hunt is triggered right before Jabari Panther activates a Special Attack, she gains a potent Fury Buff, even further increasing her damage output.

As a character class Skill, Jabari Panther’s basic abilities include Cleanse, Bleed, The Hunt, Ensnare. 

Jabari Panther has three special attacks and one signature attack. Using Javelin Violence, on activation, inflict an Ensnare Debuff on the Opponent for 11 second(s). Ensnared Champions suffer -30% Ability Accuracy and cannot Evade.

With The Pointy End, the Hunt is Paused during this Attack.

Using Gorilla’s Favor, the next time the Hunt activates, the Opponent is also Stunned for 4.50 second(s). Gain 3 permanent Huntress charge(s) that are not removed when the Hunt triggers. Max 6.

Jabari Panther’s signature attack, Chosen of Ghekre, The duration of the Hunt is increased by 3 second(s). Whenever Jabari Panther would gain a Huntress Charge while the Hunt is active, she instead gains an indefinite Counterpunch Charge. Max Charges starts at 1, and increases by 1 for every 50 signature levels obtained. A Counterpunch Charge is spent to gain Unstoppable for 0.75 second(s) when Blocking an Attack, and all are lost when the Hunt ends.

Recommended masteries include extended/enhanced fury and despair. 

Jabari Panther’s strengths include purify and bleed. 

Jabari Panther is available for downloading now on Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices!

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