Published June 27, 2019

Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Invisible Woman

You'll never see her coming!

Invisible Woman

Don't underestimate the Invisible Woman. She is mighty.

The Contest welcomes its latest Champion — Sue Storm, the formidable Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four. You can grab her in Marvel Contest of Champions now!

The Collector wanted a complete set of the Fantastic Four. Big mistake. She reaches in, grabs right hold of your heart...she seems to have an invisible touch!

Invisible Woman

Susan “Sue” Storm-Richards became the “Invisible Woman” when she joined her brother and her husband on a spacecraft test flight. During the flight, their ship was bombarded by extreme levels of cosmic radiation, and after landing she found she had the ability to turn invisible and create force fields out of energy. Over time she learned to manipulate these force fields into constructs of any shape and size. Alongside the other members of the crew, she became one of the founding members of the Fantastic Four!

Invisible Woman is the level-headed counterpart to both her brother Johnny Storm, and her husband Dr. Reed Richards. Often taking over as leader of the Fantastic Four, Sue is no stranger to danger, and uses her invisibility to out-maneuver her enemies while smashing them apart with her force field projections.

Invisible Woman has a mix of offensive and defensive mechanics. She has a Force Field which takes damage on her behalf, and she is able to turn Invisible, which causes all incoming attacks to Miss. When attacking, she benefits from dodging the Opponent’s attacks, and deals bonus damage for every Debuff on them.

As a Science Champion character class, Sue's basic abilities include Vanishing Act, Force Field, Invisibility, Vulnerability, and Pre-Flight Ability.

Invisible Woman

The Fantastic Four's matriarch's kit includes three Specials and one Signature Ability. With her first Special, Field Trip, Invisible Woman launches an energy construct, sails into the air, then kicks a second construct at the Opponent.  Sue knocks the Opponent off their feet with an energy platform, then slams into them with her Force Field with her second Special, Force Smash. With Now You See Me, Now You Don't, Sue vanishes before the Opponent's eye, launches them into the air with an energy platform, then sends them flying into the wall. And with her Signature Ability, Vanishing Act, Invisible Woman turns Invisible at the start of the fight, but it's not Paused. Since the Invisibility at the start of the fight will not be Paused, it will expire and go into cool down 2 seconds into the fight. The last part of this Signature Ability increases Force Field strength every time a Miss occurs, so attacks with additional hits with trigger it additional times.

Receive Synergy Bonuses when you use Force Block with Thing, Human Torch, and a future Chamption; Till Death... with a future Champion; Unphased with Hood, Darkhawk, Ebony Maw, and a future Champion; One Way or Another with Emma Frost, Omega Red, Sabretooth, Magik, and Sentry; and Just Friends with Namor.

Recommended masteries include Precision and Cruelty, and Willpower and Salve.

Invisible Woman

As for Strengths, Invisible Woman places a Vulnerability Debuff on the Opponent whenever she avoids an attack by Dodging or using Dexterity. These inherently increase her Critical Damage Rating, and she also deals bonus damage to the Opponent whenever she attacks them for each Debuff on them. For Health Boosts and Quest Buffs; the maximum strength of Invisible Woman's Force Field increases alongside her maximum health. Whenever her heath is increased by a Boost, or a node buff in Alliance Wars, the Force Field will also be increased. On top of that, even if the Force Field is depleted, it will be restored at full strength after its Cooldown, and Invisible Woman can use her Special Attacks to possibly bypass the Cooldown.

However, her weakness is Bleed and Debuff Shrugging. While Invisible Woman is Invisible, all attacks have a 100% chance to Miss her. Normally when she turns Invisible, the Invisibility is Paused, so her Opponent is forced to attack her in order to remove it. However, if she’s Bleeding when Invisibility activates, then it does not Pause, and will expire 2 seconds later. Invisible Woman’s Invisibility is linked to the Vulnerability Debuffs she places on the Opponent. Whenever she would become Invisible, she places one of these Debuffs and when one of them would be removed, Invisibility and all other Vulnerabilities are removed. Opponents who shrug off Debuffs can use this to remove Vulnerabilities right after they’re placed, so Invisible Woman will have a hard time staying Invisible while fighting them.

Invisible Woman is available for downloading now on Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices!

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