Published March 11, 2021

Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Mangog

Mangog is physically unstoppable!


Mangog is the physical manifestation and sum total of the hatred of a billion billion beings from a race that was imprisoned through a mystical spell by Odin and the Norse Gods. Mangog is physically unstoppable and nearly indestructible while he’s able to feed on psychic energies such as hate, fear, and devotion. He has claimed he will always exist so long as there is hatred in the world. Now,  he’s the latest to join the roster in Marvel Contest of Champions!

As a character class Mystic, Mangog’s basic abilities include Unstoppable, Unblockable, Stagger, Stun. 

Mangog’s tool kit includes three special attacks and one signature attack. Using Flurry of Hatred, on activation gain +2 Hatred, this bypasses the gain cooldown. The second and final hits inflict a Stagger Debuff for 14 seconds. If Enraged, gain a non-stacking Energy Protection Buff, granting full immunity to Shock, Incinerate, Coldsnap and Frostbite effects for 15 seconds. This Buff is paused while Enraged.

Releasing Energy Cannon, Each hit deals a burst of 1177.65 Energy Damage. The first hit Steals the Opponent’s Power above their nearest Full Bar, if they have less then 1 Full Bar of Power, all their Power is stolen. Mangog gains 100% of the Power stolen from this attack.If Enraged the final hit inflict a Stun Debuff for 3 seconds. If the Opponent is struck the Stun is removed.

With Unstoppable Rage And Malice, nullify up to 10 Buffs from the Opponent. Gain a non-stacking Regeneration Buff healing +884.03 Base Health over 5 seconds. This is increased by an additional +884.03 Base Health for each Buff that was Nullified during this attack. If Enraged this attack inflicts a Stun Debuff for 2 seconds.

Using Mangog’s Signature Ability, Empowered by Sin, each time a Stagger expires naturally on the Opponent Mangog has a 25.01% chance to gain +1 Hatred. While Unstoppable Mangog Passively Regenerates 20% of incoming hit damage instantly. Gain +78.5 Attack Rating per Hatred. Gain +8.43 Critical Damage Rating per Hatred.

Recommended masteries include Liquid Courage and Double Edge, Recovery, and Inequity. 

Mangog’s strengths include Good immunities, Great Damage Potential, Buff Removal, and Double Edge Mastery Friendly. 

Mangog is available for downloading now on Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices!

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