Published February 11, 2021

Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Psycho-Man

He can control the emotions of anyone he chooses, especially feelings of Hate, Fear, and Doubt.


Psycho-Man is a genius scientist and ruler of a technocratic system of worlds in the Microverse. Obsessed with conquering the normal-sized universe, he crafted a mechanical exoskeleton so he could interact with things not on a microscopic scale. He carries with him the Control Box, a device capable of creating and controlling the emotions of anyone he chooses, especially feelings of Hate, Fear, and Doubt. Now, he’s the latest to join the roster in Marvel Contest of Champions!

Psycho-Man is focused on manipulating his Opponents into doing specific actions, then punishing them for doing so. His Control Box has 3 modes, Hate, Fear, and Doubt. Hate is associated with Heavy Attacks, Fear with Special Attacks, and Doubt with Blocking. When Opponents perform the action that’s tied to his current mode, they are inflicted with Concussion, and Psycho-Man gains Power from striking them during or after that action. His Special Attacks also trigger different effects depending on what mode he is in.

As a character class Tech, Psycho-Man’s basic abilities include Control Box, Shock, Power Drain, and Heal Block.

Psych-Man’s tool kit includes three special attacks and one signature attack. Using Waves of Emotion 
Hate: Inflict the Opponent with a Shock Debuff, dealing 2324 Energy Damage over 6 second(s), stacking up to 6 time(s). Inflict an additional Shock for each Fury Buff on Psycho-Man.
Fear: Inflict the Opponent with a Cowardice Debuff, reducing Special Attack Damage by 40% for 12 second(s).
Doubt: This attack is Passively Unblockable and inflicts the Opponent with a Power Drain Debuff, depleting 30% of their current Power over 6 second(s).

With Traumatic Experience — 
Hate: Psycho-Man gains a Fury Buff for 14.50 second(s), increasing Attack Rating by +2324, stacking up to 2 time(s). These Fury Buffs refresh when a new one is gained, and when Psycho-Man cycles modes.
Fear: Inflict the Opponent with a Heal Block Passive for 18 second(s).
Doubt: This attack is Passively Unblockable and inflicts the Opponent with a Special Lock Debuff for 12 second(s).

Emotional Breakdown inflicts a Stun Debuff and Power Lock Passive on the Opponent for 3 second(s). During the Opponent’s next Special Attack, they suffer Passive Concussion, reducing Ability Accuracy by -100%, and Passive Weakness, reducing Attack Rating by 50%.

Psycho-Man’s signature ability Microverse Overlord (passive), whenever an Opponent’s Ability fails to trigger while they’re suffering from one of Psycho-Man’s Concussions, they are inflicted with a Heal Block Debuff for 9.51 second(s). If they are already Heal Blocked, and have been so for at least 0.5 second(s), they are Power Locked for 6.00 second(s) instead. Whenever the Opponent Heals while Heal Blocked, or gains Power while Power Locked, Psycho-Man gains 25.01% of a Bar of Power, scaling up or down with how much Health or Power they would have gained.

Recommended masteries include Assassin. Psycho-Man’s strengths include Concussion and Power Control. 

Psycho-Man’s is available for downloading now on Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices!

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