Published December 9, 2020

Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Spider-Ham

Peter Porker picked a profession of punishing punks.


Peter Porker picked a profession of punishing punks. How so, you ask? Well, Peter was once an everyday spider who (in a horrible accident involving a scientist and an atomic hair dryer) was bit by a radioactive pig! Peter was transformed, retaining all of his spider powers but taking on the form of an anthropomorphic Pig. With these new powers, he adopted the surname of the scientist who bit him, May Porker, and became Spider-Ham!  Now he’s set out to send the bad guys of The Battlerealm crying all the way home, and is the latest to join the roster in Marvel Contest of Champions!

As a character class Science, Spider-Ham’s basic abilities include Spider-Nonsense, Porker Poppers, Spider-Sense, and Taunt.

Spider-Ham’s tool kit includes three special attacks and one signature attack. Using The Set-Up, pause any Porker Poppers currently on the Opponent until they activate a Special Attack. After this Special Attack, Taunt the Opponent for 7 second(s).

Unleashing The Punchline, this attack is Unblockable if the Opponent is Taunted. Set Spider-Nonsense to 10, and pause its reset timer for 7 second(s). Place 3 Porker Poppers on the Opponent, each lasting 9 second(s) and dealing 1584 Damage.

Finish off your opponents with, That’s All, Folks! If the Opponent has triggered fewer than 15 Porker Poppers in this fight, place 4 Porker Popper(s) on them. If the Opponent has triggered 15 or more Porker Poppers in this fight, place a Porker Popper on them for every Porker Popper that was triggered. This can only occur once per fight. Max: 25 Porker Poppers. Each Porker Popper placed by this Attack lasts for 10 second(s) and deals 1584 Damage.


Recommended masteries include Despair and Greater Strength. 

Spider-Ham’s strengths include Champions who launch repeated Special Attacks in quick succession and Power Gain Champions. 

Spider-Ham is available for downloading now on Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices!

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