Published January 28, 2021

Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Stryfe

Stryfe grew up as an embittered madman seeking vengeance on those who wronged him


A child was created as a clone of infant “Nathan Summers” in the hopes of salvaging his techno-organic virus ravished body. Thinking this child to be Nathan, Apocalypse kidnapped him and raised him as his own, giving him the name “Stryfe” and encouraging the boy’s arrogance and cruelty in preparation to one day transfer his own consciousness into Stryfe’s body. Years later, during the ritual of transferring Apocalypse’s mind into Stryfe, it was discovered that he was actually a clone and thus unfit to house the essence of Apocalypse. Feeling betrayed by both what he thought were his real parents and his adoptive father Apocalypse, Stryfe grew up as an embittered madman seeking vengeance on those who wronged him. Now, he’s the latest to join the roster in Marvel Contest of Champions!


As a character class Mutant, Stryfe’s tool kit includes three special attacks and one signature attack. Using Telepathic Camouflage, the second hit in this attack inflicts a non-stacking Passive Shock, dealing 2440.2 Energy Damage over 8 seconds. This Shock is removed and reapplied on each Psionic Blast. After this attack, Stryfe activates a telepathic cloak to go Invisible for 3 seconds, giving the Opponent a 100% chance to Miss. This will not trigger when fighting an Opponent with #Psychic Shielding. If Stryfe lands an Attack, Blocks an attack, or the Opponent activates a Special Attack, his position is revealed and Invisibility is removed.

With Exceptional Psionics, the first hit and final 2 hits in this attack are Psionic Blasts, each dealing a burst of 697.2 Energy Damage. +80% potency if the Opponent is Shocked. Psionic blasts gain +139.44 Attack Rating per Telepathic Charge.

Unleashing Your Mind, My Playground, Stryfe gain +5 Persistent Telepathic Charges, these last for the rest of the quest but are capped at 100. Consume all Telepathic Charges, each becoming +1 additional Persistent Telepathic Charge. Persistent Telepathic Charges cannot be consumed to trigger abilities, but still grant Attack Rating bonuses. If the Opponent is Shocked, inflict a Passive Concussion for 30 seconds reducing the Opponent’s Ability Accuracy by 30%.

Stryfe’s Signature Ability, Substantial Psionic Power, When gaining Telepathic Charges from any source other than this ability Stryfe has a 20.01% chance to gain +1 additional charge.

Whenever the Opponent Glances a Basic Attack Stryfe has a 40.00% chance to Activate his Special 1 Invisibility for 3 seconds. Winning a fight converts 70% of Telepathic Charges into Persistent Telepathic Charges.

Recommended masteries include Glass Cannon, Block Proficiency & Perfect Block, and Assassin. 

Stryfe’s strengths include High Damage Potential, Great Survivability, Block Unblockable Attacks, and Stun Unstoppable Opponents. 

Stryfe is available for downloading now on Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices!

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