Published August 8, 2019

Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Sunspot

Don't be caught in the dark! Add Roberto Da Costa to your team starting today!


The Contest welcomes its latest Champion — Roberto Da Costa (Sunspot). You can grab the CEO of Da Costa International in Marvel Contest of Champions now!

Never let your opponents see your weakness.


The hot-headed, solar-powered suave Brazilian millionaire is a highly respected leader to the mutants and Super Heroes alike. Backed up with the ability to absorb, store, and unleash enormous amounts of solar energy at will, Sunspot is a force to be reckoned with both behind the scenes and on the battlefield.

As a Mutant character class, Sunspot's basic mechanics include Flare State, Solar Charges, Incinerate and Perfect Block. Sunspot has a limited number of Solar Charges at the start of every fight that he consumes every time an attack connects with his Opponent. For every Solar Charge consumed, Sunspot increases the damage of his strike significantly. If the attack was successful, Sunspot Incinerates his Opponent. Meanwhile, for as long as Sunspot has Solar Charges, he also has Flare State. While Sunspot’s Opponent is Incinerated, Well-Timed Blocks provide 100% Perfect Block Chance. This Perfect Block chance is maintained throughout the Opponent’s entire Special Attack or Combo.


Sunspot's Strengths include High Damage Output; when Sunspot expends any of his Solar Charges, he deals an additional 50% of his attack rating as bonus damage for each stack of Flare State. He also has access to Guaranteed Perfect Blocks for as long as his Opponents are Incinerated. Lastly, by charging Heavy Attacks or performing Well-Timed blocks on Incinerated Opponents, Sunspot has a Power Gain.

On the flip side, his weaknesses include his Dependence on Incinerates, especially if his Opponent is Immune to Incinerates. This will make him struggle to maintain his high damage output, forcing him to be more reliant on launching his Special 3 to maintain Flare State. If at any point, Sunspot is affected by a Shock, he loses all Stacks of Flare State and is unable to consume any Solar Charges when attacking his Opponent.

De Costa's tool kit includes 3 Specials and 1 Signature Ability. His first Special, Kick Off, occurs when he performs a dazzling combination of Capoeira kicks, which gains him an additional stack of Flare State, as well as adds 9 additional seconds to Incinerates inflicted during this Special Attack. Special 2 Ultra-violent Radiation is an eruption of molten lava following a flurry of attacks Sunspot's fists drives into the Earth. This final hit expends up to 15 Solar Charges. Following a quick adjustment of his stylish suit, Sunspot aims to close the deal by unleashing a devastating blast of solar energy; make sure to lather that Special 3 with SPF 10,000. Sunspot becomes more proficient with absorbing and unleashing the energies of the Contest with his Signature Ability Gideons Experiment, which increases his maximum number of Solar Charges by 30.

Receive Synergy Bonuses when you utilize New Mutants with Cable and Warlock; A.I.M. Technology with M.O.D.O.K. and Red Hulk; Leading Avengers with Iron Man (Infinity War) and Captain America; Enemies with Mephisto and Hela; and Friends with Magik, Beast, or Colossus.

Recommended masteries include Parry + Stupefy, Willpower, and Despair.

Sunspot is available for download now on Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices!

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