Published December 18, 2019

Exclusive Preview: 'Marvel's Spider-Man Script Book'

Read the entire script start to finish and go behind the scenes of the smash hit video game sensation with this hardcover release, available January 29!

Marvel's Spider-Man

The critically-acclaimed Marvel's Spider-Man continues to pull new fans into its web a year after its PlayStation 4 release. Now you can further explore the nuances and finer details of the game’s story with the release of Marvel's Spider-Man Script Book hardcover, which features the script of the game, at your local comic shop on January 29, 2020, and everywhere books are sold on February 11, 2020.

This isn’t the Spider-Man you’ve met or ever seen before, and this 240-page hardcover will give you insight to how Insomniac Games, PlayStation, and Marvel Games brought the experience Peter Parker, as well as Marvel's New York and its residents, to life in Marvel's Spider-Man.

With the upcoming release of Marvel's Spider-Man Script Book, go behind-the-scenes of the smash hit video game sensation with the complete script to Marvel's Spider-Man by Jon Paquette, Christos Gage, and Benjamin Arfmann—together with a stunning gallery of artwork from the production process! The life of Peter Parker and that of his ever-amazing alter ego are about to collide in major fashion in this all-new take on the world of the wall-crawler, filled with fan-favorite characters—including Mary Jane, Aunt May, Norman Osborn, Otto Octavius and Miles Morales—spun into an unexpected web of drama, spectacle and classic action in the Mighty Marvel Manner! When Spidey finally removes the Kingpin of Crime from the mean streets of the Big Apple, how will the mysterious Mister Negative's ascent to power bring Peter's two worlds crashing together? Learn how the words and the world of a blockbuster hit video game are crafted, and feast your eyes on a wealth of bonus content, via text and art from the team at Insomniac Games and fan-favorite Marvel writers such as Christos Gage!

“When our friends at Insomniac Games and PlayStation set out to create Marvel’s Spider-Man, our collective goal was to tell a story that would stand alongside the wall-crawler’s greatest adventures,” said Bill Rosemann, VP & Creative Director, Marvel Games. “Spider-Man’s awesome fans demand and hunger for that magic mix of action, drama, romance, humor and pathos that Marvel’s most talented creators have woven through his best stories. Did we succeed in our goal? Now, whether you’ve played the game or not, you can judge for yourself as the Marvel’s Spider-Man Script Book takes you behind the scenes with the complete script, amazing artwork and insightful quotes from the creators themselves! This is Marvel’s first ever book publishing the script of a video game, so you can also be a part of history as we swing into what we hope is a worthy addition to the web-slinger’s spectacular library.”

“The Marvel’s Spider-Man Script Book represents a colossal collaborative effort between some of the most creative and hardest working folks in the entertainment industry from Insomniac Games, PlayStation, Marvel Games, and beyond,” said Eric Monacelli, Director of Production, Marvel Games. “The sheer amount of detail – a delicate and intricate web of connective narrative threads – that needs to go into the dialogue, action, and drama of a video game has no equal in any other medium. I don’t believe a video game script has ever been compiled into a script book format such as this so it’s truly a landmark celebration and exploration of what it takes to make a remarkable and memorable original story.”

In celebration of this first of its kind for Marvel release, we've got an exclusive preview of the Marvel's Spider-Man Script Book in a gallery below!

Pre-order Marvel's Spider-Man Script Book with your local comic shop to ensure delivery on January 29, 2020, or everywhere books are sold on February 11, 2020.

Pick up Marvel's Spider-Man, exclusively on PlayStation 4, as well as all three chapters of the Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC now.

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'Marvel's Spider-Man Script Book' Preview



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