Published December 17, 2020

Marvel K-Pop Super Hero Luna Snow Releases Third Single 'Flow (feat. Luna)'

The new single celebrates Korean sensation Luna Snow's arrival on mobile game 'MARVEL Super War' on December 24!

Luna Snow

It's time to turn up the volume!

Luna Snow, Marvel's Korean pop star turned Super Hero, is bringing the heat with her icy moves in her official third single, Flow, featuring vocals by Luna of K-Pop group f(x) fame, in anticipation of her arrival onto MARVEL Super War* on December 24.

A special Livestream was held on the official MARVEL Super War Facebook page announcing Luna Snow's addition onto Marvel's first MOBA for mobile game, then debuting her single Flow (feat. Luna), which showcases gameplay from MARVEL Super War.

As a talented idol, part-time K-pop star / full-time Super Hero Luna Snow has already released two prior singles, Tonight and I Really Wanna (feat. Krystal Youngs), as well as a remix of Tonight. She has now released her highly anticipated third single to celebrate her debut in MARVEL Super War; Flow features real-life K-Pop star Luna, a former member of the famous K-pop group f(x), providing Luna Snow’s vocals on the tracks. The new single is now available in the game and will be released on major music streaming platforms in the near future to spread energy and strength for all!

As a Super Hero in MARVEL Super War, Luna Snow will step into Wakanda Battlefield as a powerful Energy hero with the ability to create dark ice for destruction and light ice for healing. By switching and manipulating dark ice and light ice, she can cause AoE damage and inflict a freeze effect on enemies while healing and saving herself from danger. Luna Snow is coming to MARVEL Super War on December 24 to celebrate the first anniversary of the game. 

Join the game during the anniversary to enjoy the Magical Snow Night event, winning the Luna Snow Discount Card — 40% off, the anniversary-exclusive skin, Hawkeye's Frozen Archer costume, and various awesome rewards!

Download and launch the game* and listen to Flow (feat. Luna) now!

For more details on MARVEL Super War, please visit the official site or follow their official Facebook page!

*MARVEL Super War is currently available in countries and regions including Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. This game is not a global release title.


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