Published October 25, 2019

MARVEL Future Fight: Luna Snow Releases Remix Track of 'Tonight'

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During the Thailand Game Show, in addition to the announcement of new Marvel Super Hero group, Warriors of the Sky, Marvel Games and Netmarble released a new remix track of "Tonight," Luna Snow's first hit single, in celebration of the hero's first solo comic.

The ice-wielding Luna Snow is Marvel's first K-Pop Super Hero. Hailing from Korea, Luna Snow — AKA Seol Hee — gained prominence as a K-Pop singer before taking on her powerful icy abilities and assuming her new Super Hero mantle.

FUTURE FIGHT FIRSTS: LUNA SNOW #1, which debuted this week, sees the K-Pop crime-fighter starring in her own one-shot. As a South Korean pop sensation, Seol Hee melts her fans’ hearts…and now as Luna Snow she has the power to freeze her enemies! How does Luna juggle being an international pop star with battling evil as a Super Hero? How did she gain her powers and what does Stark Industries have to do with it? Pick up the issue and find out!

"Luna Snow is having her moment in games, comics and music at the same time," shared Danny Koo, senior producer for Marvel Games. "She is the definition of a triple threat! We are extremely proud to be able to work with Marvel Comics and Netmarble on these collaborations. Looking forward to more!"

The vocals for the remix track of "Tonight" is performed by Hyungseo, a member of the Korean girl group Busters. In a video below, Hyungseo congratulates the debut of Luna Snow's solo comic as well as behind-the-scene footage of the recording of the single.

"Unlike the original song, the remix version of 'Tonight' has a very powerful beat and rap," shared Hyungseo. Listen to the remix track at the top of the article!

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