Published September 1, 2023

Watch the Marvel Contest of Champions Livestream to Win the First 7-Star Gladiator

Live on Twitch at 9AM PT / 12PM ET on September 1!

Watch the Marvel Contest of Champions Livestream to Win the First 7-Star Gladiator


Our next official Marvel Contest of Champions livestream will be on Friday September 1st at 9AM PT / 12PM ET over at—and you are NOT going to want to miss it!

Join host, Jax to discuss Cap’s Enlistment Event, changes to monthly Event Quests, something new and beautiful for Relics AND everything you need to know about your Summoner’s Choice 2023 winner: GLADIATOR!

We'll also be giving away a 7-Star Selector (more info during the stream) and 3 Triple Passes for the Summer Double Track.

Don't miss it—watch the MCOC livestream to learn about new content plans for summer and fall! Head over to and follow us now!


Play Marvel Contest of Champions to find out what's next!

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Trailers & Extras

Echoes in Eternity | Gladiator and Iron Man | Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions Summoner's Choice Champion, Gladiator joins The Contest and a surprise Champion gets a total upgrade! Check out their animations in the newest Champion Reveal Trailer!


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Photon and Vox enter the Contest! Watch for the Vanishing Point in the new Champion Reveal trailer!

Trailers & Extras

Vanishing Point | Photon & Vox Champion Reveal | Marvel Contest of Champions

A great evil is breaking out of the Kyln and Photon is the only thing standing it its way. Who are the Vox and what plans have they got in The Battlerealm? Photon and Vox enter The Battlerealm.