Published April 4, 2023

Marvel Contest of Champions v38.2 Release Notes Introduce Sandman and Shocker

Sandman and Shocker enter the Contest! Watch them team up in the new Champion Reveal Trailer!

Marvel Contest of Champions v38.2 Release Notes Introduce Sandman and Shocker

A storm's a-brewin' in Marvel Contest of Champions...Sandman and Shocker join the Contest in a seriously sinister team-up!

Read on for the latest v38.2 Release Notes to find out what's in store for April!



Event Quest: Just to Get a Rep

Stumbling into The Battlerealm, Shocker and Sandman assume their best move is to reconnect with their partners in crime, the Sinister Six. However, they quickly find this strange world has more than just some familiar faces and old foes around!

A destroyed Hell’s Kitchen, an impossible astral landscape, and a multiverse of Spider-Folk are just the start of their troubles. Will this devious duo be able to prove their worth and earn an epic team-up? Or will they get trapped in a web of new dangers? Find out in Just to Get a Rep, starting on April 4!

Watch the action-packed new Champion Reveal Trailer now!

Side Quest: The Sinister Vault

Spider-Man has tracked down the location of the Sinister Vault and needs your help to crack the codes and reclaim some loot! Log in daily to get keys, explore the Vault to get resources, and keep your eyes open for clues so you can go even further into the Vaults!

Marvel Contest of Champions v38.2 Release Notes Introduce Sandman and Shocker

Iconic Spider-Foes Join The Contest

Once a petty criminal known as William Baker (a.k.a. Flint Marko), Sandman is a stalwart member of the Sinister Six and one of Spider-Man’s longest standing enemies. While on the run from the law, Baker was accidentally exposed to experimental radiation that destabilized his molecular make-up. Now, as the Sandman, he is capable of incredible acts of strength, can grow to massive sizes, and even shapeshift. He might not be the brightest of Spider-Man’s enemies, but he’s certainly the most imposing…as long as he can pull himself together.

A gifted engineer turned expert safecracker, Herman Schultz was just a small-time criminal until he was captured and incarcerated. While tinkering in the prison workshop, he managed to construct a pair of gauntlets capable of firing compressed air as destructive shockwaves. Adopting the title of the “Shocker” and blasting his way out of prison, Shocker’s criminal exploits have since been a constant thorn in the side of his nemesis, Spider-Man. Things don’t always go his way, but no one can fault Shocker’s stubborn tenacity.


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