Published July 17, 2023

Marvel Contest of Champions v40.1 Release Notes Introduce Silk and Kindred

Silk and Kindred enter the Contest! Watch them clash in the new Champion Reveal trailer!

Marvel Contest of Champions v40.1 Release Notes Introduce Silk and Kindred

Marvel Contest of Champions has some new Champions caught in a flurry of webs and more-than-a-few creepy crawlies...Silk and Kindred join the Contest and get tangled up in an epic battle!

Read on for the latest v40.1 Release Notes to find out what's in store for July!



Silk and Kindred Enter The Contest

While attending a science demonstration, Cindy Moon was bitten by a radioactive spider. Hunted for her burgeoning powers, she was locked alone in a bunker for ten years before being found and set free. Now, Cindy’s working to rebuild her life as the sensational web-swinging Super Hero, Silk!

The result of a cruel plot to torment Peter Parker with the sins of his past, Gabriel and Stacy Osborn were spliced from the DNA of Harry Osborne and Gwen Stacy, and raised by an artificial intelligence designed by Norman and Harry. The twins rapidly aged and then died due to a genetic instability, but were resurrected and given demonic powers by Mephisto to carry out the twisted revenge plot they had inherited. As Kindred, they wield demonic strength, immortality, control over pestilence, and dream manipulation to break Peter Parker’s spirit and exact Harry’s revenge.

Ties That Bind

Silk has swung into The Contest to help out some of her wall-crawling friends before they start an all-out civil war! She has a plan, she has the Summoner by her side, but she also seems to have a shadowy force that is working against her! Will the extra assistance of two multiversal Peter Parkers be enough to help her stitch this broken web back together? Or is this one sticky-situation too many for The Battlerealm’s spider-friends? Find out in TIES THAT BIND.

Hades Rifts

Mephisto has sent clones of Kindred to attack The Battlerealm in an attempt to draw out Heroes and claim their souls. Silk, with the help of Doctor Strange, has attempted to track down Mephisto and take the fight to him by creating portals to “Hell”, the pocket dimension where Mephisto resides. Harvest Chaotic Dimensional Energy by defeating the Dimensional entities of The Contest, to power these portals and gain entry to Hell. Defeat any infernal beings found within and take back Mephisto’s stolen goods as a reward. Be wary though as these portals are unpredictable and it’s uncertain where they’ll land you.

Marvel Contest of Champions v40.1 Release Notes Introduce Silk and Kindred

Alliance War — Persistent Placement Phase

Summoners will now be able to save their defensive Champion placements in Alliance War using the new Persistent Placement Phase feature!

Combo Tracking

This new feature aids Summoners in learning how to build Combos, and how different attacks can have different effects depending on the Champion! The Combo Tracker is a small display that appears below the HUD during a fight, symbolizing each attack that you or your opponent throws.

The Combo Tracker tracks Light, Mediums and Heavy Combo Enders and also shows enemy combos. If a Special Move is executed at the end of a combo, it will also show that. The Combo Tracker will not count heavies, Specials or Striker attacks as combo starters; only finishers, and will clear held combos if these are activated in a new combo.

It also tracks hits into the block. Dodging back will reset the combo tracker, and the counter resets after 1 second after the last action that added to the combo or if a new combo is started. Combo icons will persist for 1 second or until the next combo.

This feature can be turned off in the Settings menu. This feature is meant as an aid to educate players, and is subject to change and tuning if need be.

Champion Updates

Mantis is getting a Balance update increasing her damage and control over The Contest!

New Relics Discovered!

Spider-Man 2099, Ghost Rider, Mister Sinister will be joining The Contest as the latest Battlecasts!

This new batch of Relics are ready to power some of your favorite Science, Mystic, and Mutant Champions, with a special focus on providing new utility to some Champions.

The Spider-Man 2099 Battlecast makes dealing with Mystics that punish Buffs a walk in the park. Inflicting Wither and even replacing the Dexterity Mastery’s Precision Buff.

The Ghost Rider Battlecast makes you an honorary Emissary of Hell, empowering Degeneration damage and providing Stagger to some Champions.

And as per usual Mister Sinister’s scientific curiosities get the best of him, inflicting Bleed Debuffs on his Mutant Allies while providing specialized benefits to the Class.


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