Published May 13, 2022

Marvel Contest of Champions Reveals Wong and Rintrah

'MARVEL Contest of Champions' adds a few sorcerers to its roster, including Doctor Strange in a limited time deal.

The Sorcerer Supreme must protect the Sanctum Sanctorum at all costs, and that’s exactly what he intends to do now that he has arrived in MARVEL Contest of Champions.

Wong and Rintrah have cast their spell on MARVEL Contest of Champions, and both of them can prove exactly why they’re a force to be reckoned with. When an unseen enemy weakens Battlerealm’s magical wards during the “Strange Fates” event, Wong and Rintrah will have to team up with heroes like America Chavez to overcome their mysterious foe.

As a Master of the Mystic Arts, Wong can unleash a number of spells to exact damage on his enemies. With Portal Punch, he can cast an Eldritch Spell associated with his currently active Mandala. Beam of the Octessence allows him to become unblockable when unstoppable, with each active spell increasing damage. Then, his Dimensional Portal World Tour allows him to apply a Fate Seal Debuff on the opponent on the final hit, nullifying all Buffs and preventing the Opponent from gaining Buffs.

An interdimensional being from the planet R'Vaal, Rintrah can also pack a punch with Blessing of the Horns, which gives him a mystical charge on each hit. With Circle of Swords, he gains increased attack for each rupture on the opponent. Finally, Keepers Banishment allows him to heal missing health per mystical charge.

Wong joins MARVEL Contest of Champions
Rintrah joins MARVEL Contest of Champions

And Wong and Rintrah won’t come alone. In addition to these two new heroes, Doctor Stephen Strange will join all rosters of new and existing Summoners. However, he won’t stick around forever; players must log in before June 8th to claim their free Doctor Strange.

Find out what other surprises await as Wong, Rintrah and our heroes step up to defend the Sanctum Sanctorum in MARVEL Contest of Champions!

Wong and Rintrah are available for downloading now on Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices!

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