Published August 11, 2022

Piecing Together MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Spider-Man (Oscorp)

Spider-Man (Oscorp) just got a serious upgrade in MARVEL Puzzle Quest!

Spider-Man just got a high-tech makeover, courtesy of Norman Osborn. With his brand new Oscorp suit, Peter Parker has an array of Green Goblin-inspired upgrades, including Oscorp Egg Bombs that are filled with nano-spiders designed to creep out evildoers and arachnophobes everywhere. Not to be outdone, the suit also comes equipped with a limited-time Oscorp Deluxe 3-in-1 Glider, Backpack and Rover. Evildoers beware—Spidey has a lot more power, and that means he's got some extra responsibility to go around!

Spider-Man (Oscorp) is the latest to join the ranks of MARVEL Puzzle Quest!

Spider-Man (Oscorp) joins MARVEL Puzzle Quest!

A 4-Star Rarity character with Affiliations Heroes, Spider-Verse, Enhanced, and Geniuses, Spider-Man (Oscorp) has a toolkit that includes Special Delivery: Spidey-Punch, Spider-Glider, and Oscorp Egg Bombs.

Hey, this new glider is pretty cool! Fast and… woah there! Hard to control! Sure makes my fists pack more punch though! With Special Delivery: Spidey-Punch, Spider-Man deals 204 damage plus 46 for each Web tile on the board (up to 15). This move converts all Web tiles to basic tiles, then creates 1 Web tile(s). 

Board the Spider-Glider to choose an enemy and create a 2-turn Countdown tile (Max 1). While this tile is on the board, that character’s abilities are disabled, and while there are 6 or more Web tiles on the board, that character also takes 15% increased damage.

(PASSIVE) At the start of the turn, the Spider-Glider Locks 1 random enemy Trap, Countdown, or Repeater tile(s), unlocking any tiles previously Locked by this ability.

I’m starting to see why Norman throws those pumpkin bombs all the time! Using Oscorp Egg Bombs, Spider-Man deploys an Oscorp egg bomb, spawning 1 1-turn Spider-Bot Repeater tiles; when they activate, they move to a new random tile, leaving a Web tile behind.

(PASSIVE) When a Spider-Bot has activated 2 times, it becomes a Trap tile that deals 93 damage, stuns the enemy for 1 turn(s), and activates all other Spider-Bot Trap tiles. Whenever Spider-Man takes 130 or more damage, he creates 1 Spider-Bot(s).

Spider-Man (Oscorp) uses Spider-Glider in MARVEL Puzzle Quest

Release Events


Unstable Iso-8 – 8/11

Spider-Man (Oscorp) in Placement Rewards

Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. – 8/14

Spider-Man (Oscorp) shards in Progression rewards

Rewards tokens to the Spider-Man & Friends vault

Webbed Wonder 8/14

Spider-Man (Oscorp) shards in Progression rewards


Stay On Target – Bullseye (Classic) – 8/11

Spider-Man (Oscorp) shards as Placement rewards

Flyswatting – Spider-Man (Oscorp) – 8/14

Rewards tokens to the Spider-Man & Friends vault


Spider-Man & Friends Vault – 8/14 – 8/19

80 Item Vault:

  • 3x 4-Stars
    • 1x Spider-Man (Oscorp) cover
    • 1x Doc Ock (No Way Home) cover
    • 1x Random 4-Star cover
  • 7x Tokens
    • 1x Legendary token
    • 1x Mighty Token
    • 2x Heroic Tokens
    • 3x Beginner Support tokens
  • 6x Iso-8
    • 1x 5,000 Iso-8
    • 2x 2,500 Iso-8
    • 3x 1,000 Iso-8
  • 15x 3-Stars
    • 3x Iron Man Model 40 cover
    • 12x Random 3-Star covers
  • 49x 2-Stars
    • 10x Hawkeye Modern cover
    • 39x Random 2-Star covers

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