Published October 17, 2019

MARVEL Strike Force Rides Down the Highway to Halloween with Ghost Rider and Elsa Bloodstone

It's alive! Create monster squads with Ghost Rider and Elsa Bloodstone.

Marvel Strike Force

Are you ready to join a ghoulish gang of brawlers and descend into MARVEL Strike Force?

The mobile RPG game will be welcoming a cast of supernatural powered-beings including Ghost Rider, now available, and Elsa Bloodstone, arriving on Thursday, October 24 5pm PDT. Hela, Stryfe, and Mister Sinister will be joining the game in November.

Ghost Rider and Elsa Bloodstone join the upcoming Supernatural team, which also includes Mordo, Scarlet Witch, and Doctor Strange. Fully formed, the Supernatural team will be a high-skill squad capable of terrifying teams in battle. Start recruiting and ranking up this squad, because it's sure to be a monster.

Riding into battle now is Ghost Rider. The brimstone biker, equipped with a hellfire chain whip, is a vengeful Brawler who stacks Bleed on enemies and avenges eliminated allies by attacking the foes who dealt the final blow. As a member of the new Supernatural team, he punishes souls of the wicked with his iconic “Penance Stare” to drastically damage enemies and drain their health.

Ghost Rider's battle kit includes Hellfire (Basic), Hell Cycle (Special), Penance Stare (Ultimate), and Spirit of Vengeance (Passive).

Marvel Strike Force - Ghost Rider


Elsa Bloodstone, the Supernatural team's sharpshooter, guns down foes with the highest accuracy. Players can pair her with other Supernatural team members to gain additional accuracy and “Crit Chance.” Inflict further damage with her Ultimate, which grants her “Offense Up” and deals AOE damage.

Elsa's tool kit includes Bloody Good Guns (Basic), which allows her to rain bullets into enemies with multi-attacks and snipe down enemies; Trick Shot (Special), Scatterguns (Ultimate), and #%@S! (Passive).

Marvel Strike Force - Elsa Bloodstone


Supernatural Team

In this update, the rest of the Supernatural team will also receive new supernatural abilities.

When Doctor Strange is paired with 3 or more Supernatural allies, he heals every time a buff is applied to an enemy and gains "Deflect." Upon the death of any character, players can heal Baron Mordo and his Supernatural allies. On the death of a Mystic character, players can heal the most injured Supernatural ally to gain even more health. Lastly, Scarlet Witch's Ultimate now applies "Defense Down" to all enemies when allied with four more Supernatural allies.

Highway to Halloween

Scare up Ghost Rider shards and other rewards during the limited-time Highway to Halloween event. Bob for character shards with a 13-day calendar that contains characters with the limited-time Trick or Treat trait. Carve open the Jack-O'-Lantern Orb which contains select characters and features Ghost Rider at a higher drop rate. Battle in Highway to Halloween Blitz with Trick or Treat trait characters to score points for the Monster Mash Milestone, which will reward Jack-O'-Lantern Orb Fragments.

And be on the lookout for Halloween bonus events, including reduced cost Blitz Cooldowns, 2x Trick or Treat character shards, and increased Gold rewards.

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