Published August 2, 2023

MARVEL Strike Force v7.3 Update Gathers Elite Team of Secret Defenders

See who made it onto the new team led by the legendary Black Cat!

MARVEL Strike Force v7.3 Update Gathers Elite Team of Secret Defenders

MARVEL Strike Force is recruiting! There's a new team in town, and stealth is the name of the game...that's why we're not surprised to see Black Cat at the helm of the elite new Secret Defenders team. Can you guess who else made the list?

Read on for the latest v7.3 release notes!

New Characters and Updates

Reinforce your roster with new playable characters: Black Cat, Photon, Ghost Rider (Robbie), Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), Ronin, and Mockingbird.

Check out our latest Strike Time video covering the upcoming Secret Defenders team!

Secret Defenders

Climb the Arena ranks and pilfer the top spot with these Arena specialists! The Legendary Black Cat leads this elite new team with newcomers Photon, Ghost Rider (Robbie), and Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), along with a rework to the S.T.R.I.K.E. veteran Doctor Strange.

New Avengers

Repel enemy attacks on Alliance War Defense with the New Avengers! New arrivals Ronin and Mockingbird join forces with reworked versions of The Thing and Agent Coulson for Helicarrier action. Could an elusive fifth member be waiting in the shadows?

Ability and Stat Improvements

Check out the details below for updates to Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Jessica Jones, Nico Minoru, and Spider-Woman.

New Costumes

Can't-Miss Events

Black Cat Trials

Pounce on your first opportunity to recruit the Secret Defenders' Legendary Brawler: Black Cat! Start powering up your roster to prepare for this chance to earn character shards for this infamous thief.

TVA Agent

Join this month-long S.T.R.I.K.E. operation to recruit the Bifrost Controller, Sylvie, and bolster your squads for the missions ahead!

Light Warriors

Assemble a top squad with the limited-time Energized trait for Ms. Marvel (Hard Light)'s Event Campaign!

New Features, Updates, and More

Battle Pass

Mojo's Mayhem fades to black and a revamped method to earn rewards will soon go live: Battle Pass! Hit daily and weekly objectives that pay out big rewards just by playing the PvP-based game modes of Cosmic Crucible, Alliance War, Arena, Real-Time Arena, and Blitz.

Raid Auto-Launcher

Set it and let it ride: You'll soon be able to schedule Raids to launch at a specific time each day. To schedule a Raid, Alliance Leaders can go to the Raids menu, open the new launcher pop up, toggle the launcher on, and then set your time for each specific Raid type.


Need help deciding which team to use or how to upgrade a character? You can now receive suggestions for Iso-8 Classes, T4 Ability Materials, and which teams to use in certain missions. Tap the "Recommended" button when you see it in-game for a team composition catered to a mission or a suggestion for Iso-8 and T4 Ability Materials. Want more recommendations? Tap "View More" within a suggestion pop-up to head to the web for more options and details.

War Replay Button Update

Alliance War Replays will no longer be available for enemy battles. This decision was made following MSF Player Council feedback with the intent of making Alliance strategies and counters tougher to crack.

Fan Voting on the Web

Coming soon to will be your opportunity to vote for certain characters and events for future content. Keep your eye on the weekly Friday developer blogs for more info.

MARVEL Strike Force Photon

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