Published July 30, 2020

Piecing Together Marvel’s Puzzle Quest: Anti-Venom (Eddie Brock)

Can Venom be eradicate once and for all?


After Venom left for a new host, Eddie Brock was left with harmless symbiote antibodies. But after exposure to positive energy, these antibodies mutated, creating a brand-new symbiote with incredible healing powers. 

As Anti-Venom, Brock seeks to redeem his past crimes and eradicate Venom once and for all.  Now he’s the latest character to land in Marvel Puzzle Quest!


The 4-Star Rarity (Legendary), with affiliation Heroes and Spider-Verse, has a tool kit that includes Aggressive Antibodies, Adaptive Clothing, and Precision Purge. 

Using Aggressive Antibodies, a high-cost black power, Anti-Venom sends out some of the symbiote body mass in order to cover a wider area with their antibodies. Anti-Venom heals their team for a burst of 102 health and creates 1 Yellow Web tile.

Anti-Venom's suit shifts into a disguise so that they can subtly approach the target of their cleansing with Adaptive Clothing, a mid-cost purple power. Create a 3-turn Purple Repeater tile that removes any surrounding enemy special tiles. If there are no enemy special tiles on the board, this tile destroys itself and deals 1389 damage. Otherwise, convert this tile to a Web tile and create another Purple Repeater tile.  

Unleashing Precision Purge, a mid-cost red power, Anti-Venom uses their tendril-like fingers to target points on an ally's body for healing. Destroy all Yellow and Purple Web tiles and give a chosen ally a burst of 667 health, plus an additional 333 health for each tile that was destroyed. (Destroyed tiles deal damage but do not generate AP.)


Store offerings for Anti-Venom include Anti-Venom & Friends, running August 2 through 8. 

Anti-Venom’s featured events include Strange Sights, running August 3 through 7; and Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D.m, running August 2 through 7. A versus tournament, Brace for the Cure, runs August 2 through 5. 

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