Published March 1, 2017

Spider-Man Unlimited: Superior Swinging

The wonderful wallcrawling adventure from Gameloft gets a major update!

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Get ready for new and improved rooftop running and web swinging, with “Spider-Man Unlimited” getting another big update courtesy of the fine folks over at Gameloft. Product Marketing Manager Vitaliy Gladiyenko dropped by to give us the lowdown on all the changes coming down the pipeline. “Spider-Man Unlimited” is dropping another exciting update for players coming in early March. Can we get a tl;dr of some of the changes to expect?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: The whole update is aimed to make player’s experience even more smooth. First of all, we added a new daily login bonus system, which offers bigger rewards each next day you log in. In-game time-limited events, where all new Spideys are being released, got an upgrade too: now each event can be of a certain genome type—this is our local name for character classes. If the player uses characters of the same genome type as the event, he will receive a bonus to his score.

Also we did a whole bunch of UX improvements across the board: duplicate filter in the team section, character filter before the run, more intuitive flow in the reward sections of events and leaderboards where players can explore the content of portals. We also moved some UI elements around for better, more intuitive navigation. Just when Spidey thinks he’s seen the last of the symbiotes, a whole new mess of slimy baddies come tearing out of the woodwork. Let’s talk a little about Poison and Raze. Why should players add these two new characters to their roster?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: They’re both just darn cool characters! Poison has an interesting story. Basically, it is our good ol’ Parker, bonded with the bad ol’ Venom, but on a way deeper level. After nearly dying in battle against the interdimensional spider-totem hunter, Morlun, Peter Parker retreated into a cocoon state beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Sensing his weakness, the Venom symbiote escaped its prison and permanently bonded with Parker. Peter was driven to share his symbiote with Aunt May and Mary Jane, but both refused. Would you accept such a gift?

Raze aka Claire Dixon was an FBI agent, who was involved in the anti-Carnage ops. After several attempts to capture Carnage she was imprisoned herself and used as a test subject for Carnage’s spawn symbiote, Raze. I haven’t seen Raze in any [other] Spider-Man game. “Spider-Man Unlimited” becomes bigger and bigger with each update and now includes really rare characters! And can we go a little more in-depth with the daily bonus update? What exactly can players earn just by playing the game every day?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Basically, everything: ISO-8, vials, portals with characters, boosts, genome samples, Spidey energy. We will review the whole set up after a while and see if the rewards are well balanced and tweak some of them to keep them up to date with the game economy. Also, the reward isn’t reset if you don’t log into the game one day; if after three consecutive logins you miss a day or two and visit the game on the fifth day, you will receive fourth reward and the loop continues where you left off. Let’s talk about the genome System update. Would you mind breaking that down for us a little?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Once you see a genome icon over event banner in the game, head over to the briefing screen. We made a small icon that indicates how big your bonus score multiplier [is]. If you have all four characters of the same genome, and the same as the event, you will receive 50%–12.5% per character—more points after the run. This new addition to the whole class system that I mentioned above is only the first step towards something bigger. It seems like having a diverse roster of characters will really benefit players going forward, especially with all those buffs for same-genome heroes. Is that fair to say?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Yes, exactly. Since each character has a different set of abilities, you will need to pick a perfect match both for the event objective and for the genome-based bonus, if you want it. This might seem a bit complicated for newbies, but after a short one-time tutorial, you will get used to it! Anything else we need to know about the big update?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Players who liked us on Facebook and are subscribed to our YouTube channel have already seen our recent video teaser of the new location—stay tuned for more of them soon! We’re working on a huge new set of levels, which are actually a symbiote home planet. Have you ever seen symbiote homeworld in any game before? Indeed, take your time to recall any title.

The main reference for us is the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #23 comic book, where Flash Thompson becomes a renewed and empowered Space Knight. This new location will include new enemies, new obstacles, environment, sound and visual effects—a whole lot of work!

You can also expect some cool synergies with comic books later this year, which include [the] new Scarlet Spider [series], new techy Spidey’s outfit from [SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL] and something even bigger!

Stay tuned to for more “Spider-Man Unlimited” news and interviews. Download the game on iTunes and Google Play.


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