Published June 6, 2017

The X-Men Join the Battle in ‘Marvel Future Fight’

Welcome the Children of the Atom to the mobile gaming adventure!

Image for The X-Men Join the Battle in ‘Marvel Future Fight’

Some of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful heroes—and one mostly-villain—come to lend a hand in the interdimensional battle of “Marvel Future Fight”! Take your team through the new Rise of the X-Men Epic Quest and recruit some of the most well-known mutants to join your side. Deck out Gwenpool and the Inhuman Crystal in new uniforms with special bonuses. And then use the new daily mission rewards selector to grab extra M’kraan Shards and increase the mastery of your new mutant teammates.

We grabbed some time with Min Kyun Kim, Development Director at Netmarble, to get the full picture of this massive new update. The X-Men are coming to “Future Fight”! Which members of the mutant team will join the action?

Min Kyun Kim: We wanted to start off with the most iconic mutants as this is a monumental addition to the game. This is why we selected the six most well-known members of the X-Men: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Rogue, Beast, and Storm. We also added their most notable rival and friend, Magneto. As you said, these are some of the most iconic heroes in the X-Men pantheon. What was it like to bring them into the fold?

Min Kyun Kim: It has always been a long-time goal to add the X-Men characters. Our entire team was passionately involved in deciding which characters to add, what their skills were going to be, and what content to incorporate. It reinvigorated our entire team. Each of these heroes brings new kinds of powers to the “Future Fight” lineup. How will they wield these abilities in the game?

Min Kyun Kim: The representative skills of the X-Men are not only powerful but based on experience, and we made sure to emphasize that. For instance, we accentuated the fact that Cyclops is capable of extreme accuracy by introducing an effect that enables his skills to ignore enemy dodge effects and guarantee a hit. Even Ant-Man, despite his great evasion rates, is guaranteed to get hit by some of Cyclops’ skills. We highlight every character’s unique characteristics: Wolverine has high regeneration, and Magneto is capable of using magnetism to snare enemies and use metal to deal consistent damage.

Lastly, the ultimate character, Jean Grey, [is] able to use Phoenix Force, [so she] has abilities that can deal a ton of damage and subdue characters quickly.

X-Men in Marvel Future Fight Alongside the arrival of the X-Men, there’s a new epic quest featuring the team. What missions will players be taking on and what rewards can they expect along the way?

Min Kyun Kim: The X-Men are always being challenged. It’s no different in “Marvel Future Fight.” Magneto and another unidentified villain team up to attack the X-Men. Players will be able to become one of the X-Men as they take on this challenge and save the world. Like the Doctor Strange Epic Quests, players will receive Wolverine right off the bat. Once all the missions are complete, they’ll have a maxed-out Wolverine and most of the available X-Men. Magneto has been both one of the X-Men’s greatest enemies and one of their strongest allies. What role does he play as a part of this new team, in either the event quest or the larger overall story?

Min Kyun Kim: Magento will cause one of the first “incidents” in the story. He will place them in hardship, but will also be the reason the X-Men become stronger together. The X-Men will soon join the ongoing war in “Future Fight,” and players are ecstatic to see some of their favorite heroes join up. But, some will certainly have their eyes on the future, as well. Can you tease anything about what’s coming down the line?

Min Kyun Kim: This might be too vague, but some of the upcoming characters are closely associated with the contents of this update. Players should definitely look forward to it.

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