Published August 19, 2021

Blacklight Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, Black Panther, and More Arrive at Target

Marvel Through The Ages continues with even more heroes!


Dim the lights just enough – so then you can turn the blacklight all the way up. A brand new wave of Blacklight Funkos have arrived at Target, featuring fan-favorite characters across figures, apparel, accessories, and more! 

Following the release of the first two waves for Marvel Through the Ages — featuring an initial round of Blacklight Funkos, and then the red, white, and blue Patriotic Age — a third one is here, returning back to bright, neon colors. This latest release includes the likes of Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Thor (dressed in his Thor: Ragnarok best), and even Thanos. 

Considering there’s never a bad time to celebrate The Infinity Saga, the items will be available for pre-order starting on August 20! Find everything in the latest Blacklight wave in the image gallery below.

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Blacklight Captain Marvel


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