Published February 18, 2022

Funko Fair 2022: New Blacklight, Mech Strike, Soda, Mugs, and More

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The 2022 Funko Fair is in full swing! Over the last few days, the pop culture figure behemoth has revealed dozens of brand new items now in stores, arriving soon, and available for pre-order at retailers. 

Landing at Target in the near future (with many you can pre-order now), a new wave of Blacklight figures has arrived featuring fan-favorite characters out of the early days of Phase Four. Get ready to see some Disney+ characters in a different light (literally) with characters including The Scarlet Witch, Sylvie, Kate Bishop, a giant-sized Infinity Killmonger, and more! Find new t-shirts, pins, and gift sets, too

Out of the Mech Strike world, explore new Monster Hunter figures as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have suited up like you’ve never seen them before. To face this new threat, the Avengers will clash against none other than Doctor Doom and an all-new team of Marvel’s most notorious super villains, monstrously transformed by the eye of a mythical beast. And to fight these new monsters, the Avengers will have to mech up…monster style.

If you’re looking for Deluxe figures, Funko is rolling out two new additions for two different buildable scenes. One features the Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War, with the other showcasing one scene from the Amazon Beyond Amazing Collection. 

And that’s still not all! Dive into the image gallery below to explore everything from Funko.



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