Published May 22, 2020

Marvel Legends: Retro Spider-Man Figures and More Coming Soon

All figures are available for pre-order now!

Looking to take a trip back in time with Spider-Man? During Hasbro’s latest Fan First Friday livestream, a brand new wave of retro Spider-Man figures were revealed! Joining the already announced Spider-Man figures — including two different versions of Spidey and Gwen Stacey — now you can get your hands on Green Goblin, Electro, and Daredevil, too!


That’s not all, as the Hasbro stream also revealed a handful of brand new Marvel Legends figures as well. Joining the Legends roster includes a new A.I.M. Trooper, Moon Knight, Delux War Machine, and more.


The Retro Spider-Man line is available for pre-order right now at Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store. Snag the Marvel Legends line at Hasbro Pulse, and the Moon Knight figure at Walgreens

Check out the full gallery of everything below! 

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Marvel Legends: Retro Spider-Man



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