Published May 24, 2021

Shop Marvel Must Haves: Mischievous Loki Ears Arrive

This detailed headwear will show your true colors!

loki ears

Don’t just be burdened with glorious purpose — also show everyone it, too. Ahead of the release of Marvel Studios’ Loki, a brand new Loki-inspired accessory has arrived, and just by looking at it you know it’s up to no good. For the first time ever, Marvel character has earned their first pair of “ears,” and it’s fitting that it’s the God of Mischief himself! 

The Loki ears are stylized like his iconic horned helmet look, on a green headband with a golden “mischievous” embroidered into the side. And, it can’t be a pair of “ears” without actual ears, too! A pair of those sit atop the headband, with a green and gold contrast look. Everyone will know you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve wearing these. Just maybe don’t go causing too much trouble. 


In addition to the Loki ears, a handful of additional Loki items have arrived at, celebrating and inspired by the classic character. What kind of trouble will Loki get up to in Loki? We’re all just going to have to wait and see as the series premieres on June 9 — because haven’t you heard? Wednesdays are the new Fridays. 

Pick up the Loki ears here, and find more Loki items at shopDisney now!

Want more Must Haves? Find items for WandaVision and The Falccon and The Winter Soldier right here, and stay tuned for more Loki! 

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