Published June 18, 2021

Shop Marvel Must Haves: 'Loki' Episode 2

The timeline wants to break free.


Marvel Must Haves is about to get a little mischievous. Loki is here, and he hasn’t just brought along some glorious purpose, but also a bevy of brand new products featuring the God of Mischief — and more! Each week through the run of the series we’ll be bringing you brand new apparel, accessories, toys, and more based on and inspired by the show, and don’t forget to share what you must have on social with #MarvelMustHaves!

The God of Mischief is back but this time things are different – and not just because Loki has been plucked from the timeline and taken somewhere completely brand new and completely strange! Welcome to the TVA, y’all!

Now firmly situated in his new position at the TVA — as the group’s resident, go-to Variant — Loki’s trying not to make too many waves while also trying to work on his own agenda, too. Loki said it himself, is controlling the timeline actually the greatest power in the universe?

Episode 2 of Marvel Studios’ Loki, “The Variant,” dives deeper into the TVA, which means there’s more TVA branded merchandise on the horizon, including everyone’s favorite ticking clock, Miss Minutes! Find her not only on socks, pins, and drinkware but also as an adorable little Funko Pop! alongside Ravonna Renslayer. And don’t forget Hunter B-15, too! 

Loki’s also found himself on some new t-shirts and pins, in addition to a TVA Loki Cosbaby. If he’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen with his tiny little TVA touchpad, I’m not sure what is. 

Dive into the gallery of new items below, and remember: For all time. Always! 

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Judge Ravonna Renslayer, Miss Minutes and Hunter B-15 Funko Pop



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