Published September 17, 2020

Shop Marvel: The Latest from BoxLunch, Loungefly, Lego, and More

It’s time to assemble the Venomosaurus!

Wondering what new accessories, apparel, toys, and games have recently come out of the Marvel Universe? Well wonder no more, as we’ve got a look at some of the latest things you can get your hands on ASAP...even though you might have to wait until November 2020 to actually hold them in your hands (looking at you, Miles Morales). 

Take a peek at some of the latest items below, and stay tuned for what Marvel-inspired products might be next! 

BoxLunch x Marvel Eat the Universe

Following the first wave of Marvel Eat the Universe products released this summer, a second wave has now arrived at BoxLunch! Many of the new items feature a sweet all-over print, including ice cream versions of your favorite Marvel Heroes. And be sure to be on the lookout as more apparel, accessories, and kitchen gadgets roll out over the coming months! 



We know that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are larger than life in Marvel’s Avengers, but now pick them up in mini size thanks to Minimate’s latest release. Available at Walgreens, find two 2-packs featuring Iron Man with Hulk and Black Widow with Captain America. Iron Man includes a removable helmet and interchangeable hairpiece, plus a flight stand. Captain America includes his trusty shield and a removable helmet with alternate hairpiece, while Black Widow has two batons and two pistols!



Are you feeling incredibly noble today, or a little bit mischievous? Whatever way you’re leaning towards, Loungefly has a new outfit for that as the brand just rolled out two new patterns themed around Captain America and Loki. Featuring perfect plaid prints of red/blue and black/green and accompanying embellishments choose from a tank dress or a woven button-up shirt. 



Maybe you recently watched Justin Warner, host of Marvel Eat the Universe, assemble the Venomosaurus and thought, “when can I do that?” Well, now’s the time as you can now pick up the mighty Venomosaurus, and try and help stop him with the likes of Spider-Man, Spider-Ham, Iron Spider, and Venom — all included as mini-figures!


Looking for a tabletop game where you’re actually rooting for the bad guys? Ravensburger’s latest release, Marvel Villainous gives players control over Thanos, Hela, Ultron, Killmonger, or Taskmaster to fulfill your dark destiny!

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Counting down the days until November 12, 2020? While Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the next installment in the ever-expanding Spider-Man universe won’t arrive until this holiday season, you can go ahead and pre-order the game now! Check it out at retailers like Walmart, GameStop, Target, Amazon, and more.

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