Published July 1, 2021

Marvel and Tamashii Nations Join Forces for New TECH-ON AVENGERS

Avengers: Tech On

Marvel Comics and Tamashii Nations have come together for a special, new collaboration: TECH-ON AVENGERS! This is project brings S.H.Figuarts together with comic works featuring a brand new official setting on which the figures are based and are available for pre-order now!

The new line features the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and more joining forces up against the likes of Red Skull, Loki, and Venom! And not only will these characters appear as figures, but also in a brand new comic series too, written by Jim Zub with art by Chamba and covers by Eiichi Shimizu.

Avengers: Tech On #1

Thanos, the Avengers' strongest foe... one year ago the Avengers used all their might to succeed in destroying the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones...

Now, mysterious particles left behind by the Stones are scattered across the universe. Called IMS (Infinite Mirror Shards), these particles find their way into the hands of Red Skull who has once again appeared on the world stage. Using these shards Red Skull creates a Power Cancelling Barrier covering Earth and nullifying all superhuman abilities, with himself poised to become the sole and ultimate power. However, our heroes without their powers are not powerless. With their wisdom and courage, they create a new power: powered suits and the new evolution "DH-10" hidden within. As the leader of this squadron, Tony Stark says, "now is the time for all of you to say, 'I am Iron Man!'" The "Iron Soul" Avengers, the TECH-ON AVENGERS are born!

The first figure rolling out in the collection is Iron Man, designed by Eiichi Shimizu, a manga artist who has created many stylish heroes images with comics. Additionally, a new mechanism was devised from the ground up for this series to create a new action that has never been seen before. The DH-10 mode, named after "Dohatsuten," exerts overwhelming power by releasing energy all at once. Even in S.H.Figuarts, the mode change is reproduced with exchangeable parts. 

Find a look at the brand new Iron Man figure in the gallery below and head to Tamashii to pre-order yours today!

You can also see a preview of Avengers: Tech On #1 available in comic stores in August and sneak peek at the cover of Avengers: Tech On #2 in the gallery below.

Avengers: Tech On #1


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