Published April 29, 2022

This Week In Marvel Celebrates 20 Years of Hasbro Marvel Legends

Plus, discover what's next!


If you’ve got a collection of Marvel Legends on your shelf, then we’ve got the podcast episode for you. The latest installment of This Week In Marvel dives into the history and legacy of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line which has been around for two decades now — that’s 20 years! 

Joining hosts Ryan Penagos  and Lorraine Cink are Marvel Legends designer Dwight Stahl; Ryan Ting, senior manager, global product development and marketing; Jesse Falcon, Director of Product Design Hard Lines for Disney Consumer Products. The conversation dives into what it was like bringing the first line of Legends to life 20 years ago, how the products have evolved over the years, and what’s on the horizon for them next. 

Additionally, the chat also dives into the new Marvel Multiverse RPB Playtest Rulebook, the twists, and turns of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, and the rapidly approaching premiere of Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness!

Listen below, or whenever you subscribe to your favorite podcasts! 


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