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They Started as Marvel Interns (And You Can Too!) | This Week in Marvel

Tune in as 'Absolute Carnage' writer Donny Cates and editor Devin Lewis join a new episode of the podcast!


This Week in Marvel Goes with the Flow with Joywave

Plus: All the Marvel Mondo merch at MondoCon!


This Week in Marvel Runs Away with Rainbow Rowell

The 'Runaways' writer talks about changes coming to the ongoing series!


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This Week in MarvelThey Started As Marvel Interns! (And You Can Too!) | This Week in Marvel

Absolute Carnage writer Donny Cates and Editor Devin Lewis join Ryan Penagos, a.k.a. Agent M, to chat being interns and pointers!


This Week in MarvelWhat Makes a Good Marvel Comics Event? | This Week In Marvel

Ryan and Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski are back to continue the celebration of Marvel's 80th anniversary by discussing comics events, including Civil War, from the 2000s!


This Week in MarvelHow Captain America Started Listening to Joywave's new single! | This Week in Marvel

Paul Brenner and Daniel Armbruster of Joywave dropped by Marvel HQ to chat about their new single "Obsession" and how it ended up in the hands of Captain America!


This Week in MarvelMega Ran and MC Lars with an Infinity Gauntlet Freestyle | This Week in Marvel

Mega Ran and MC Lars join Ryan Penagos, a.k.a Agent M, and James Monroe Iglehart to talk about Nerdcore and for an Infinity Gauntlet themed freestyle battle in a new episode of This Week in Marvel!


This Week in MarvelSkillet's John Cooper on collecting Marvel comics around the world!

In a new episode of This Week in Marvel, John Cooper of Skillet, to chat collecting comics while traveling and more!


This Week in MarvelAgent M vs Team Liquid: Pinball Battle at the X Games | This Week in Marvel

Ryan Penagos, AKA Marvel’s Agent M, goes head-to-head with Team Liquid in a pinball showdown at the X Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


This Week in Marvel9 Best Moments with Marvel at the X Games!

Strap in as Ryan Penagos takes you from Marvel Headquarters in New York – to the X-Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota and shows you the best of Marvel at the event.


This Week in MarvelX Trial Survival: Marvel's Agent M tackles a Marvel themed obstacle course!

Ryan Penagos, Agent M, goes head-to-head with Marvel superfans at a Marvel themed course at the X Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


This Week in MarvelMarvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame — Comic Book Easter Eggs!

Ryan Penagos, A.K.A. Agent M, sits down with Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame Visual Effects Supervisor, Dan DeLeeuw, to learn about his comic inspirations for the film, as Dan reveals hidden details in the film only comic book fans would recognize.


This Week in MarvelSDCC 2019 Recap with This Week In Marvel!

Join Ryan Penagos and Lorraine Cink as they recap their favorite moments from SDCC, including the Marvel 80th Challenge and more!


This Week in MarvelCan YOU name 80 Marvel characters in 60 seconds?!

This Week In Marvel host Ryan Penagos, A.K.A. Agent M, tests co-host James Monroe Iglehart’s expert Marvel knowledge by challenging James to do the #MARVEL80CHALLENGE. Can he name 80 Marvel characters (or more) in under 60 seconds?


This Week in MarvelX-MEN questions answered with Jonathan Hickman! | This Week in Marvel

HOUSE OF X / POWERS OF X writer Jonathan Hickman joins Ryan Penagos, A.K.A. Agent M in the hot seat to answer some rapid-fire questions about all things X-Men!

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