Published October 11, 2018

"Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and The Wasp": The Special Effects Behind the Quantum Realm's Creatures

Earth's Mightiest Show sits down with the Visual Effects Supervisor on "Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and The Wasp"!


Remember those fascinating creatures that Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) saw while he was in the Quantum Realm in Marvel Studios' "Ant-Man and The Wasp"? They're called tardigrades, also known as "water bears," and Lorraine Cink from Earth's Mightiest Show sat down with the movie's visual effects supervisor Stephane Ceretti to find out how they were created. Ceretti went into detail about how he and the visual effects team on "Ant-Man and The Wasp" constructed the Quantum Realm digitally and what they shot on set with star Michael Douglas. (Hint: Douglas did not actually shrink!) Watch the video above to learn more about the special effects of Marvel Studios' "Ant-Man and The Wasp" -- and tardigrades!



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