Published July 15, 2019

Listen to Chapter 3 of 'Marvel's Wolverine: The Lost Trail' for Free Today

Get a recap of the previous episodes before diving into the latest chapter!

Every Monday, new episodes of Marvel's Wolverine: The Lost Trail are released for free! To mark each new episode, we're doing recaps and updating a map from last week's chapter. 

But first, listen to the latest episode of Marvel's Wolverine: The Lost Trail right now! Get lost in Chapter 3, "The Cold Blooded," below, then keep reading for more insights on previous episodes.

For a look at where we were before episode 3, we deputized Marvel.com writer (and first-time listener) Amanda Ames to keep up with the action as it's released. So here's a look at what went down in Chapters 1 and 2...

It started like a normal day in the lively town of New Orleans.

Locals bantering, tourists fumbling around while the all-too-comforting sounds of jazz music carried through the small city streets...but soon this melodic town would be rocked to its core as a new and unfamiliar sound began to fill the air.

Who is the Whisper Man?

Why does no one seem concerned by people reported missing? And where have they all gone? With the police unable—or unwilling—to step in, the case falls on the shoulders of a brooding drifter and a young local. But the last thing Logan needs is another kid, like Marcus, thinking he’s some kind of hero here to save the day. He’s not. And he won’t. And Logan can’t even escape the ashes of Burns, Alaska...

Then again, with his ex-lover, Maureen, among the missing, Wolverine doesn’t have much choice.

Looks like he’s in for another mystery. Here’s what we know so far: 

  • Fifty-seven mutants and humans alike have mysteriously vanished throughout New Orleans and the surrounding bayou, but Maureen seems to be the only person to notice a connection. When Logan and Marcus search her torched apartment, they learn she’s been tracking the disappearances for weeks and they seem to be stemming from somewhere deep in the bayou...
  • Logan isn’t the only newcomer in town. A mysteriously persuasive man who seems to have mutant abilities of his own is wandering the city streets. Could he be the voice behind the whispers? Could he be behind the disappearances? Or does Agent Sally Pierce, hot on Logan’s smoldering trail, know more about what’s going on than she lets on?    
  • Either way, Weapon X is no longer the only baddie in the bayou; according to somebody called Gambit, a biker gang called the Cold Blooded are wreaking havoc on the already devastated mutant community. But Gambit’s tricks don’t end at the card table. We have a feeling something else lies up his slippery sleeves, and Logan can’t afford to fold.

Are these events tied to the rise in mutant hate crimes, or is something more sinister at play in New Orleans? Not all the cards have been dealt, players—but you know the rules... Always bet the river.

Here's a rough sketch of where the action has gone down so far.

Lost Trail

We have a long journey ahead.

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