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Published July 17, 2019

'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' | Inside Look at Sarge's Crew

They've got a common enemy, but can they be trusted?

We're inching closer to unraveling the full mystery of Sarge and his ragtag crew on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

When we first met the otherworldly and violent crew at the start of Season 6, it cost several agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. their lives. Not only did they have an armored 18-wheeler that's outfitted with an advanced cloaking device, but it appeared that they were responsible for several anomalies across the galaxy that wiped out entire existences and planets.

As the season progressed, we got to learn about the nuance in each of their characters, what their true intent is, and whether that aligned with their own personal conscience.

According to Clark Gregg, who plays Sarge, the leader of the pack, described them as, "they're kind of a badass, cool, oddball team."

"The cool thing about our team is that we all have different strengths," added Brooke Williams, who plays Snowflake, the unhinged wildcard of the group.

The crew views themselves as on the right side of the mission; they're trying to save Earth. They're the only ones capable, and determined, to stop Izel. They've been jumping planet to planet trying to save all lifeforms from Izel and her Shrike creatures. For Jaco and Snowflake, they feel a sense of debt to Sarge for saving them after they've lost their homes, and giving them a true purpose.

While on set of the longest-running Marvel TV series, Williams described Snowflake as a mercurial character. "She's really fun," remarked Williams, "but she so happens to be a killer, which is a weird contradiction." She's a childlike character who embraces the moment she's in. There's a softness in her character that anyone can see with her belief that people ascend into the afterlife as a butterfly once they've come into contact with her.

"She's convinced herself that this reincarnation, rebirthing, is real," explained Williams. "For her, that makes it okay for her to murder people. In her world, she believes she's releasing people to a better place, a better life. She's at peace when it comes to killing."

Jaco, the muscle of the team, has to rely on inhaling motor oil vapors through a mask as he hasn't had his home atmosphere in 9 years. Winston James Francis (Jaco), the only one with a moral compass, stated his character, and the rest of the team, believe the end justifies their "morally-dubious" means; "we're doing it for the bigger picture."

Not all of Sarge's team felt indebted to Sarge. Tinkerer had expressed his doubts. As for Pax, he learned the cost of stepping out of line with Sarge.

Even if you're loyal to Sarge, it doesn't mean it's a two-way street as seen in last week's episode. As Gregg put it, "Sarge puts nobody ahead of what he wants" aka their ultimate mission.

"Snowflake is devastated by Sarge's betrayal and the fact that he leaves her behind," stated Williams. "She's had placed all her stock in him, and he's been the only person she's had an emotional connection up until Deke." He gave her a purpose, and a funnel for her inclinations.

Speaking of Deke, Williams revealed, "Snowflake is completely fascinated by Deke. She finds him so interesting, magnetic, charismatic, and strange. He has so much energy within him, and a vulnerability." Ultimately, Snowflakes senses another misfit, another twin soul within Deke.

See Sarge's mission in action in a brand new episode this Friday!

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